The second season premiered on December 8, on Comic-Con HQ, Comic-Con’s subscription streaming video service and consisted of 12 episodes. Views Read Edit View history. Scholars have studied cryptozoologists and their influence including the pseudoscience’s association with Young Earth creationism , and have noted parallels in cryptozoology and other pseudosciences such as ghost hunting and ufology. Ultimagic July 29, at 2: Syfy channel Current programs Programs running on the present schedule are listed below. When the silver mines closed, the theatre was also closed in

Bill’s team goes to Firmat , Argentina, to investigate video taken of a playground swing that seemingly moves on its own while the other swings around it remain still. Syfy first-run programming The following programs first aired in their entirety or had specific seasons on U. History and objectives In , Hawes began the “Rhode Island Paranormal Society”, after having a personal experience with spirits. Ben’s team travels to Wilmington, North Carolina , to investigate both a photograph and video evidence of ghostly apparitions aboard the USS North Carolina. With sticks added on more “ridged” and “solid”. Maybe you guys were looking in the wrong place Pants of continuous single fabric sheet Pulled up over head. It only walks backwards, and steam issues from its mouth as it makes its whistle.

Niches are separated into dramas, games, reality shows, and sports. I was even thinking of doing some research to see if there had been anymore sightings of these dopey stilted creatures anywhere else. Nightcraeler investigator Paranormal researcher Ben Radford discusses issues he has with Belanger’s ro skills. Meanwhile, Ben’s team travels to Jupiter, Floridato investigate a video of an unknown river creature referred by locals as the “muck monster”.

On 22 April Syfy renewed the show for a 6 episode second season which premiered 27 November As of JanuarySyfy has not announced another season of Fact or Faked.

Jeff Belanger topic Jeff Belanger born August 8, is an American author, public speaker and paranormal investigator. Bill’s team goes to Cairns, QueenslandAustralia, to recreate an underwater video of an alleged mermaidbelieving the creature to be a Dugongor nightcralwer woman in a costume.

Ben’s team goes to the Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone, Arizonato recreate a video that allegedly captured a figure of a man in a coffin appearing in a mirror.


FoF producers who saw the video contacted fat group and asked that they re-shoot the video and make the pointer move more dramatically before they would make an offer to feature the video on the show.

Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files

It was late,I was on my porch smoking. Member feedback about Gail Brewer-Giorgio: So far no one has responded saying they know where those statues stand.

Anonymous July 25, at This happened in Illinois about a year ago. Jonathan Reed, a man who claims to have videotaped an autopsy of an alleged alien creature that attacked his nightcrwaler near Snoqualmie Pass also in the state of Washington. Hutchison, a variety performer, originally intended to present respectable family shows like he’d seen in San Francisco that were thronged by large crowds.

FOF may refer to: Ben’s team investigates McPike Mansion in Alton, Illinoisto recreate a video that was taken of a ghostly mist that seems to move about from room to room in the wine cellar. The video we saw on Fact or Faked was from that security camera which also means it was poor quality, very grainy, and poorly lit See part of that segment left.

Universal TV topic Universal TV, formerly Universal Channel, is a television channel specializing in movies and television series in the thriller, drama, comedy, horror, crime and investigation genres, owned by Universal Networks International, a division of NBCUniversal and available on satellite and cable platforms.

The show ran for eleven seasons on Syfy in the US. The investigation leads to a ghost hunt after unexplained music is heard. Ben’s team goes to Raystown Lake in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania to investigate an alleged lake monster called the “Raystown Ray” which was captured in a photograph. The only undergrad among eleven winners, he was flown to Los Angeles for the ceremonies, and subsequently moved to Los Angeles to attend the AFI Conservatory for Advanced Film Studies as a producing-fellow.

Bill’s team goes to Jacksonville, Floridato investigate a video of a ghostly figure captured by a ghost hunting team at the Florida Theater. You could feel it looking at you. The council recently made the decision to use the house and gardens as a heritage site rather than a museum, and it is now only open at certain times during the summer months. Next, Bill’s team goes to PenrithEngland, to recreate a video taken in a pub of an alleged shape-shifting entity.


Ben’s team goes to BeckenhamEngland, and joins Destination Truth host, Josh Gatesto investigate a video of a small creature perched atop some playground equipment. Depending on where you live, maybe you could ask the local Native Americans and get some guidance from them. In the next part, Ben’s team travels to Bay St. Emily July 26, at Member feedback about The Atlantic Paranormal Society: All of these businesses were situated among and on top of a large number of silver mi Ben’s team goes to BeckenhamEngland, and joins Destination Truth host, Josh Gatesto investigate a video of a small creature perched atop some playground equipment.

Member feedback about Lanisha Cole: He then went to San Diego in September They soon canceled the Ladies Night and began offering baser entertainment that appealed to the rough mining crowd. After a commercial break the truth behind the video is revealed.

Ghost Lounge: Nightcrawlers? Really? On Syfy’s “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files”.

Or could there still be more to this story than meets the eye? In addition to his field work, he has traveled to more than countries and was inducted into The Explorers Club,[3] an organization dedicated to the advancement of expl I watched for a minute,ran inside to get my phone and wake my wife. Paranormal television topic Paranormal television is a genre of reality television.

Investigations during this period revealed widespread fraud—with some practitioners employing techniques used by episodrs magicians—and the practice began to lose credibility. Andrew February 26, at Fictional newspaper publishers people Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Fictional characters who became a protagonist i