Retrieved from ” https: Jamie sells his Leica Camera for plane tickets to Rome. But let’s face it: As for Michelle Trachtenberg, she is just plain awesome. Her acting deserves real praise. Along the way they run into all the various European stereotypes: There’s not much plot to speak of. The picture starts out slow and unsteady in its rhythms.

But what makes this film worth watching is quite simple: Retrieved January 19, Travis Webster plays his nerdly Jamie well; we never look down on the guy, even though he’s the more uptight one in the group. The film was released on DVD in the U. This movie is definitely one of my new favorites, and is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. Views Read Edit View history. Though the story itself can’t be considered particularly original, the movie is interesting, cause of unstoppable flow of hilarious jokes. The scene with The Pope is an instant classic in my point of view, I haven’t seen something this hilarious since the first Scary Movie came out.

Some people pointed out that it was clear that the makers really don’t know anything about the countries they were making jokes about.

There’s sort of a plot driving the film as Scott wants to meet up with his e-mail pen pal Mieke Jessica Boehrswhom he thought was male but finds out is actually a very attractive female. The movie’s script or the plot were probably the least of the director’s concerns.

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Manoux as Robot Man. Inside the Vatican, Scotty and Cooper try to search for Mieke, but accidentally rings the bell that signals the Pope has died. Retrieved 7 March I love all types of movies, but I didn’t expect to like this one. During a phone conversation with Cooper, who is now dating Jenny, Mieke knocks on his door, having been assigned to the same room due to another misunderstanding about her name. As far as movies performing above expectations this is one of the tops in that category.

Not only is there clever verbal play and uproarious sight gags the arrival at Bratislava was so funny I almost fell out of my seat laughingbut the writers were masters of the recurring gag – the best of which is a song about Scott’s breakup with Fiona it makes sense in the film constantly popping up as they travel throughout Europe. The cameos – Matt Damon as a punk singer, Lucy Lawless suubtitles a Dominatrix, Kreuk, and so on – are all well cast and well eurotri.


Drunk on absintheJenny and Jamie make out with each other, witnessed by Scotty and Cooper, and are horrified when they realize what they are doing.

Punk rockpop.

Scotty and Cooper arrive in Londonwhere they befriend a Manchester United football hooligan firmled by Mad Maynard. And I must say, for as much sex and nudity as there is in this movie and there’s a whole lot of itthe biggest laugh I got was a PG-rated battle of the robot mimes in Paris, which may be the only scene in the movie that can be shown un-edited on TV. The Montecito Picture Company [1].

I guess some people would be put off by the European stereotypes, but the film was so inventively humorous and excessively clever they do a great parody of the Indiana Jones ‘moving around the map’ bit that I was blown away.

The New York Times. I never got the sense that the filmmakers displayed any ill will towards the peoples they were lampooning. And the foursome are your basic group: From the opening moments where Scott is dumped by slutty girlfriend Fiona Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk, in a terrific cameo to the very end of the film, I pretty much laughed the entire 90 minutes.

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Scott Mechlowitz is perfect as Scott, with just the right mix of leading man humor and straight guy stiffness. I didn’t expect this film to be so repeatedly and exceptionally funny, and I guess it caught me off guard.

Along the way they run into all the various European stereotypes: Subtites right, I’m from Belgium, you know the place that no-one really knows, not even the Europeans The group travels to Amsterdamwhere Jamie is robbed while receiving oral sex in an alley, losing everyone’s money, passports, and train tickets.


Views Read Edit View history. And “Eurotrip” is better than “Capturing the Friedmans”. Her acting deserves real praise. My new favorite song is “Scotty Doesn’t Know! Srpsko his best friend, Cooper Harris, Scotty attends a graduation party that evening where the band performs a song detailing the affair Fiona was having with the band’s singer.

It looked like another stupid teen comedy to me. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It’s a comedy, not a traveler’s guide!

The scenes with a German lorry driver were taken at the then-unfinished D5 motorway near Pilsen. Scotty returns home drunk and angry and reads an e-mail from his German pen pal”Mike”, expressing sympathy for Scotty and suggesting they meet in person.

Jacob Pitts’ Cooper is surprisingly low key for the smart-ass; usually this kind of character is way over the top, but Cooper manages to be funny without ever taking it too far.

Dumped by his girlfriend, a high school grad decides to embark on an overseas adventure in Europe with his friends. Everyone gives a game performance.

But what makes this film worth watching is quite simple: Certainly not because it eurottrip from the people who gave us such gems as Road Trip or Old School, that’s for sure, and it’s not like I even recognized anyone in the cast other than Michelle Trachtenberg, best known as Buffy’s little sister Dawn. They attempt to hitchhike to Berlin, but due srpsk a language misunderstanding, they end up in Bratislava.

The next day, a Slovak man drives them to Berlin, where they learn that Mieke has left with a summer tour group, and will be reachable in Rome for only a short time. Writers Mandel, Berg, and Schaffer all directed while only Schaffer could achieve director credit, according to the DVD filmmaker commentary.