They are not meant to cause grief or destruction. Pondering a cryptic pillar Working on building an inn at Guudeland with Beef Talking about bad headaches, Netflix in Canada. Caving Talking about the snapshots, livestreaming, sharing stories about shopping. Beef’s jungle decorated with giant “floating blocks of ice” filled with water. Talking about a new recording program, his war with Etho, recapping the stream Footage from the end of the MindCrack Marathon. See Slaying of the Ender Dragon. Canadian flags built around the server to celebrate Canada Day.

Donations Eating spiders during your sleep, dentist troubles, Andrea’s nose bleeds Work on nether rails. Donations Exploring the nether and testing fire potions. Sharing plans for his hole, showing changes made to his mine Herding sheep, discussing swearing in videos Discovering a book left by CriminalForHire. Gravel pyramid trap under Guude’s door, chosen from viewer suggestions. Fighting hordes of zombies, caving for resources Talking about Vidcon. Working on the zombie apocalypse fortress Talking about childhood fears. Working on a building in the desert village Discussing embarrassing situations with Andrea Announcing a reduction in Mindcrack videos. Walled and covered BdoubleO’s Arena village with sand.

Mindcrack Season 5 Episode 4 “. Adding the winner mindcrackk UHC Season 2 to the monument and working on the entrance Talking about Resident Evil and discussing how franchises change with Andrea. The intention of these guidelines is to minimize or eliminate the destructive quality of a prank while still allowing for comical frustration or bewilderment on the part of the victim. Giving an update about his cat Navi, announcing he seawon be playing “Super Hostile 10” with Mhykol Visiting TheJims’ spider spawner, demonstrating how to use it Working on building the teepee, talking about livestreaming.

Moving Anderz’ house up to the build limit of the world giving the appearance of a geyser discharge. Explaining how he filmed his April Fools joke of blowing up the server Reading out the comments he received from his April Fools joke Setting rules before starting with nothing and trying to make his way back to 0,0 Caving Talking about his new house.


Donations Finding his sheep dead, showing his melon and pumpkin farm Fixing Beef’s nether track, looking for vines. This page has been accessedtimes. See Slaying of the Ender Dragon.

PauseUnpause/videos – The Unofficial Fan-Run MindCrack and HermitCraft Wiki

See Slaying of the Wither. Starting to dig a giant hole for his base with levels being different biomes Talking about Zeldathon and his plans to get a tattoo.

Discovering and removing joehillssays ‘s image and the signs left by mcgamer and Mhykol Telling stories from his adventures at PlayOnCon Expanding the donation monument room Introducing his regular series featuring Andrea.

Building a lipstick on top of the witch hut at the Devils Daycare to commemorate generikb’s VidCon Cleaning up Team America’s prank Talking about moving. Showing his cheap egg farm Journeying West in a self imposed hardcore mode. Bedrock Mindfrack prank 2 “. Andrea plays Minecraft Retelling the story of how they met. Dealing with Pakratt’s bedrock doors prank.

This page was last modified on 31 Decemberat Donations Sharing scary and eerie sesson with Andrea Branch mining, exploring a mineshaft.

Minecrack dispensers hidden by chicken powered pistons in the walls of Etho’s jungle base. The playlist for this season is “Mindcrack”. Using eyes of ender to locate a stronghold with Beef and Baj Digging a staircase down. Exploring a cave Talking about his birthday, ill family members. Farming, walking around, at the site of his future build Talking about influential people with Andrea, quitting his job.

Talking about his opinion on video styles, other games and PlayOnCon Flattening an area near the zombie fortress and making a sandstone structure.

Etho MindCrack SMP – Episode 184: Western Building

Continuing building an animal barn Tales from the bad part of Winnipeg. Building a snow bridge connecting Etho’s laboratory to spawn.

Timelapse of building his Etyoslab railway Showing problems he encountered while building and attempting to fix them. Seeing the completed Minecrack Enchanting room Big build hinted at Donations added to the monument. Pondering minecrack cryptic pillar Working on building an inn at Guudeland with Beef Talking about bad headaches, Netflix in Canada.


Pranking BdoubleO by building obsidian men. Showing his sheep farm, and donation monument Exploring a ravine and discussing moving around Pronunciation of words, swearing. Caving Questioning if games are changing or if gamers have Pondering the future of gaming with Andrea. Pranking Zisteau with Team Canada. An image of Joe Hills in front of the zombie apocalypse fortress, and numerous signs stating “Joe Hills was here”. The purpose of the prank wars is to generate entertainment for the players and viewers.

Searching through caves for the stronghold. Adding Beef’s face to ethoslabb nether tunnel Mail. The Forgotten Prank” VintageBeef: This page was last modified on 31 Decemberat Exploring, discussing their engagement, freeze pops, and their new lifestyle Taming and riding a horse, discussing their puppy Zelda. Modifying sheep pens and breeding sheep Laying out the teepee.

Minecraft Diversity 2 with Guude & Chad // Episode 14

Donations Plans for melon and pumpkin farms Fixing Deku tree door. Constructing a giant obsidian kraken attacking VintageBeef’s jungle village. Talking about his ancestry and culture, caving Creating a skeleton trap, talking about his prank on Guude, proposes Team Canada.

Beginning Of Firing Range and more!

Lagging out the spider spawner Removing pyramid stairs, talking about minddrack game developers Working on the anti-zombie fortress, announcing a 24 hour livestream. Collecting glowstone in the nether, recapping his 24 hour livestream Work on the donation monument.

Caving Water damage to his phone, vacation ethoalab British Columbia Discussing pet peeves with Andrea, Internet slang, pronunciation of Pure Pwnagesmoking etiquette, poor driving, poor parking, ignorance, bigotry, incomplete fan-fiction.

Pixel art of Link from Zelda holding the triforce icon.