A bear and a mouse, both on opposite sides of societal convention, band together as misfits. The lead duo are among the most engaging of cartoon characters and their seclusion seems a nice outcome. A charming and heartwarming tale about the unlikely friendship between a bear and a mouse in a world divided by convention, tradition, assumptions and prejudice into two territories – the bears above ground and the mice underground. I don’t know what a small child would get out of all this. For “children of all ages,” however, there is a very beautiful and original movie that is not to be missed. This film was nominated for the Oscar for Animated Feature. Discover some great childfriendly french movies that will help families.

Ernest actually IS ready to eat Celestine but doesn’t and they eventually become friends. In fact it very well done. This film is about a mouse who likes bears, the natural enemy of mice. I actually have hardly seen the features I worked on. It really does make a big difference. Apparently, there is more than one version of this film available–the original French as well as a new English language dub.

Reno-Rangan 3 February The friendship between them was very well told, in an enchanting way.

It is well narrated, very entertaining and visually wonderful. Some parts are funny, but I don’t know if there’s enough action to hold small children.

Unfortunately for her, the mice around her wish to see her become a dentist as it is more her position in society. I liked the replacement of bear in the place of humans. It’s like saying to someone that the secret to happiness is to think positive.

Ernest actually IS ready to eat Celestine but doesn’t and they eventually become friends. The film Ernest and Celestine is ernrst on a book with the same title made by Belgian author Gabrielle Vincent. Yeah a bear and a mouse living together sounds odd, but if you think about it, it’s not so different than an African-American and a Caucasian marrying each other, or gay marriage, or two people of a different religion being friends.


Ernest et celestine french subtitles

Ernest et clestine full movie ernest et clestine full movie english subtitles ernest et. In english with a bonus french audio track and english subtitles. One of the quiet and celetsine studios that isn’t on the erbest of everyone yet is the impressive GKIDS. The way they represent that hatred and fear between mice and bears is funny, serious, and the prejudice is tamed enough for children to watch.

It became even more apparent when I tried to watch Ponyo straight after watching this movie. Starring pauline brunner, annemarie loop and lambert wilson. The story of an unlikely friendship between a bear, ernest, and a young mouse named celestine. The way that Ernest the bear and Celestine the mouse meet and become friends in the end shows us the world they live in and is also very understandable keeping up with the films continuity.

That may sound like an opinion but if you watch the film you’ll see.

That’s all you really need with this kind of story. Gkids the translators deserve a big applause for translating this into English voices. The movie is warmly visual and wouldn’t be an issue for the young ones to get hold of whats happening on screen. Mr-Fusion 17 June It’s interesting how studios and creative people would assume they know what people want. Lauren Bacall is great as the Great One.

Drama dentistry ernest et celestine french front national gabrielle. It’s because they too has great legacies of good characters and memorable situations.

The majority of people who will watch the film will definitely like it and come back for more. I’m not going to go into all the details how, but Celestine eventually meets Ernest the bear. Ernest and Celestine is a much quieter movie about friendship. I was especially touched when Ernest and Celestine said they wanted to be with each other forever and I liked the happier version of their story at the end. Ernest and celestine p bluray x french aac.


I don’t know what a small child would get out of all this.

Ernest et celestine french subtitles

While rummaging through the town’s dust bins, Ernest the bear finds sleeping mouse Ernestine and is dissuaded from eating her – whether it’s Tom’s Jerry, er King Sized Canary or Br’er Rabbit, they never get eaten. Large database of subtitles for movies, te series and anime. The hand-drawn animation in pastel colors is absolutely gorgeous, especially beautiful regarding the backgrounds and interior design.

It doesn’t get any better than this or at least it will be hard to top.

Painted in bright and cheerful watercolours, the audience followed the pair of “bandits” in their adventures and encountered the self-righteous, the hypocritical, the mercenary and the conforming members of both races on the way amidst laughter.

The animation is very simple yet beautiful. Audible Download Audio Books. In a society where the two factions are prohibited The story isn’t something to write home about but it has all the essential elements to entertain you till end. For “children of all ages,” however, there is a very beautiful celeestine original movie that is not to be missed.

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