I don’t want clever conversation I don’t want to work that hard I just want some someone to talk to I want you just the way you are. I could barely tolerate him in Shining Inheritance. I’m going to miss that too. For most of the characters, the choices they made this time around demonstrated growth. I sorta expected the ratings to be higher, but given Three Days wasn’t really stellar, ratings were decent without the previous drama push. No wonder YD was messed up. Would ES have had to teach him what’s it like to actually work for your money etc?

Not macho or tough looking guy. Really hope that her adult self will be more endearing. I can see the relationships the young casts had with their mothers and the relationship that I have with mine. The show would have benefitted IMO to have that light-hearted tone and lots of humor more throughout, and not just in the beginning and end. I’m really going to miss this little show. Implied pertains to camera focus and discussion of the body outline.

Cha seung won you got the wrong partner this time round.

Episode 18

The writer did a great job wrapping up the finale. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Wow the first episode is sooooo awesome! I really like 12 Steps Young-do. Finally I have something to be excited for without reservation!

Only a fool maybe takes things for granted Just because it’s here today It can be gone tomorrow. Kim Tan walks up the stairs, the camera focused on his shoulders and I’ve only been watching K-Dramas for about inheritace months. Young-do approaches, and they walk past each other with no friendly words, but no fighting either.

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I am looking forward to the conflict between Pan-seok and Dae-gu. And this I promise from my heart I could not love you any better I love you just the way you are. We’re not close and we only get to see each other once a year because I live miles away, so not having someone there to ask you how’ve you been or how you’re living gets tough. BadBob May 8, at I technically know I shouldn’t involve myself in silly talk, but I can’t help it.


Hwan is confused by this mention of Seung-mi. A lot, in fact. Hello PlumWine, That was a part of the plot I didn’t get either. Lee Bona was the best thing this drama offered.

The stakes would actually have felt as high as they were supposed to be when your protagonists are adults who’ve made their own lives to some degree, instead of high schoolers playing house. It did bring its share of disappointments and frustrations however. A verification email has been 177 to your new email address.

ES, on the other hand, did have a very difficult life, from the beginning, which was why she was usually more pragmatic than KT.

Remind me never to get into a car with Cha Seung-won. Life in itself is a lesson, the best place. And my reality was not a bad place to be. He is such a great guy, both as an actor and behind the scenes, as a person. You absolutely do not have to, however, if you ever want to drop me a line, you could do so at: Eileen explained that the rich girl’s dad either had enough shares to seriously tips things in the brothers’ favor or enough clout or both, something like that.

The opening shot of that jacket was bad. Then, “Was that a proposal? Arranged marriages for the purpose of forming and maintaining allies and retaining increasing wealth, land, and positions of power have been going on since, oh, practically the dawn of mankind.


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I couldn’t get past the first few shinig of Shining Inheritance, not because of Lee Seung-gi, but the story itself. Never understood why people sit through dramas they hate. If anyone was in any doubt about how far Seung-mi would go to save her relationship with Hwan, however, this episode answered it; Seung-mi is all too clearly now on the side of the bad guys.

He really wanted the company.

Kim tan being nice to his big bro’ no matter what, Kim won being nicer and letting go of his insecurities. We sure went through a lot of hoops, but I never epdraja felt the temperature rise. Becks May 8, at But I guess really I just thought that some tie-ups were almost an afterthought.

Shining Inheritance Episode 19 Recap and Review

But they wait and wait, and only two faithful managers show up in the end. Absolutely, but I believe with her epdraja he could have done it if the brothers had lost in that shareholders meeting. For example, I feel KES made changes midway to include less adults and more of the high schoolers. Hope it’ll be good. Please dear God, tell me that ihheritance 10 years into the future Tan’s suit that he is wearing in his flash-forward is not in style.

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