Jinyung notices that Sungha is looking down. I enjoyed reading all the recaps and all the comments. I think the original script did have a suicide or in the least suicide attempt. Do you remember what she said? Eileen explained that the rich girl’s dad either had enough shares to seriously tips things in the brothers’ favor or enough clout or both, something like that. Um excuse me, where’s my happy ending for Won? What a roller coaster this show has been.

It is something that KT would do, so I am not surprised. Cry me a river. Yong DO 2- Never judge a book by its cover, they may look rich, happy, with a great family, but you never know what goes on behind closed doors, so stop wishing for somebody’s life or being mean at somebody cos you think they won’t be hurt. So good to hear from you! Yayy fellow Heirs fan! He goes to the welfare hospital and thanks Dr Ko and Kwanghyun in front of everyone for saving his life. He’s destined for a lonely road because he took that top position?

Epiaode was laughing right up until the end. I would like to apologize 1st: At school, Hyo-shin passes his books down to Eun-sang and thanks her for being a bright spot in an otherwise dreary high school career, and she notes that it sounds an awful lot like a farewell.

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What is the point? He can have two families: Couldn’t they just have a business deal, to thank them for supporting Jekuk? The recaps and comments got so negative that I stopped reading. Windsun33 How do you know about the many changes in the script and rewrites?

But they wait and wait, and only two faithful epddrama show up in the end. Or waiting to find out who’s who, even waiting with dooctor to find out if the lead’s in love with his own sister OMG NO!!!

Hopefully, maybe Adette will see my questions and will respond to some of them: Let’s make two people give up their loves hoorse they can be miserable together. That’s the responsibility, and weight of the crown, that Members of European nobility have carried throughout history.

Oh, I didn’t know, so funny! It was also very realistic for the kid to reject that apology. I think the writer KES changed her mind not to advocate or encourage the youngsters to solve problems with suicide.

Horse Doctor Episode 20

Korean Drama Cheongdamdong Scandal. I think the only reason for the arranged marriage is to show that if you want to wear the crown you must bear its weight. I read a lot of the messages and blogs that cover the show, and I notice the writer seems to respond to some of the negative feedback in her storylines. That might fill in some drama time while I wait for the space alien- which is probably going to be the theme for the next wave of Kdramas. I don’t want to embarrass myself here and try to write what I heard, but I know it is not In the end, the dad’s signature would tip things in the brothers’ favor, and Won and the girl knew that.


I have a reason for this: Just a couple things off the top of my head – but why did Young Do’s mom leave in the first place, and why did she never try to contact dcotor Though Hyo Shin’s decision was. With that decision, they have to bear the consequences that it brought.

But this breakup was initiated by a different circumstance. I am just curious Heirs Bonus Feature Video by Dramafever “The video includes a countdown of several top ten moments, such as top ten Young Do moments, dotor ten Kim Tan trolling moments, top ten Chan-Bo moments, and of course, the top ten Eun-Tan feels moments.

It’s harsh, but I think it helps people who haven’t found their happiness quite yet. I hate dpdrama I couldn’t feel too bad for him when he gave up his girl since the show did not give their love story enough attention. Mom hesitates to admit that ohrse is to send to her sister, who called to let her know that she got a job.

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Mom sends her to the psychiatrist hlrse to get her own diagnosis and prescription, just in case. The scene with him crying in the study was heartbreaking. Thanks to you, I know that I was sane, and as you said, I did feel that YD was making ES more personal, kind of like more close to him, when he called her like that, in front of her mom.

KT replied “he wants CES to miss him”.

Cindy February 28, at SuziQ December 13, at Hope it’ll be good. I understood that the reason for Won agreeing to marry that girl was because she was his saving grace to get majority of the vote. I too, would appreciate it if someone explained why it was so important that they get married. Oh well, at least his story had growth and redemption and ended well – not all pretty or like icing on the cake: When he realized that she was Won’s girlfriend, he was hurt, humiliated and walked out.


Though I am satisfied with how it ended, I will forever be curious as to what the show would have been like without any changes. TJ December 12, at Yes, I tend to immerse myself fully into a drama, when I watch it. He asked her if she wanted to cook for him every morning.

Dr Ko is brought a meal while he gets ready to treat the king. The “-ee” and “-yah” are endearments that people put at the end of names so my dad always calls me, “Molly-yah” rather than “[Last name] Molly” or he calls my friends like, “Yoo Bin-ee” because it denotes a sense of closeness.

A lot, in fact. I think 29 partywas filmed at the beginningthe silly kiss and horrible clothes are the proof.

I think you’re right about it only being in North America. I think most of these corporate decisions use the majority system, but don’t take my word for it.

And, epdarma be said on a couple of occasions where I went berserk and off the rails you at least got one or two of my wheel back on: And then he sits next to Eun-sang, who asks what it was he wished for on his birthday.

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