Upon meeting face to face with Salvador, El Roscas takes him to a place where they can fix their differences that they have had for years. Indio asks La Coyote to find his migrant workers. The Aceros see victory after a violent conflict. Mario begins to despair when he does not hear from Andrea and his daughter; while Marcelo is responsible for following all his steps so that his daughters do not take more risks. Mario tells El Indio that he should not worry about the money he gave him because as new partners they are going to make millions of dollars in a few days. Muchos tomamos a este grupo por bandera. Amaro offers up La Coyote in exchange for his family. Upon arriving in Tamaulipa Rosario tells El Gallo where he got the money to buy that luxurious property and El Indio questions Romero if he is doing business with other men.

Romero joins forces with all the enemies of Los Acero to get what he wants, forming a team first with El Indio Amaro and then with Tuti. Aurora Gil as Josefina Aguilar, she is the only survivor of the surname Aguilar, wife of Erick and mother of Belinda, daughter that he had with Larry. Retrieved 26 November Indira communicates with El Indio to tell her that she has the people he asked for ready and Romero tells Vicenta that she will be transferred to a prison until they can clarify the death of the governor. The Complete List 6. While listening to the conversation between Domingo and Mario, Debora feels scared that this man betrays them and Mario accepts Domingo’s proposal. They are responsible for passing the children to the other side of the border. Daniel is surprised to see that Indira managed to find him.

Daniel gathers his mother and his wife to show them that they officially restored his position in the Department of Homeland Security ; but his mother asks him not to accept this offer since his father is died defending justice. After getting the President to stop persecuting his family, El Gallo tells Josefina that they will move to Tamaulipa; They must also take care of finding Debora so that she and her son do not continue to be in danger.

La Coyote grows anxious during an inspection cuerra the border. For his part Romero becomes obsessed with Vicenta, to the point of send it her to kidnap. This page was last edited on 15 Februaryat Salvador tells Victoria that they are celebrating because they will receive a very special guest.


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Because Salvador did not comply with the part of his deal, Jaibo tells him that he will not give more opportunities and now he must show that he is yonois or his life will be in danger. When Tamaulipas arrives, La Tuti does not feel satisfied with her new house since it does not compare to the mansion she had.

Puedes comentarlo en el foro. Josefina prepares her husband ojline that the people of Matamoros trust him. Views Read Edit View history. Mario tells El Indio that he should not worry about the money he gave him because as new partners they are ynkis to make millions of dollars in a few days.

Un total de 14 temas acompan’ados de sabrosos extras: Indira uses blackmail in order to contact her son. El Gallo, Salvador, and Bebote face off against Lumbre. After being helped by Mendoza, Vicenta manages to escape safely from jail; now Salvador is guarded fooja six anti-riot trucks to be transferred to the maximum security prison; according to the instructions of the President.

Green Book Wins Best Picture. Ver todas las fotos Cometario por Emma B. Retrieved 25 February Agradecido junto a Miguel Rios.

When knowing that the son that Andrea waits for is not Mario’s, Marcelo asks Domingo to tell him who the father is. Josefina floj submit to Triple R’s terms in an effort to clear her husband’s name. La Tuti asks her friends to celebrate her first trip as a narco-trafficker with her and Rosario shows El Gallo the message his wife left him.

Romero takes control of Indio and his cohort.

Meanwhile, El Indio asks Tecolote who was the person who took his son. Why you should watch the Oscars, True Detective and more! El Gallo asks Pancho if they can really be safe where they are since the lives of their family members are in danger.

En total, 11 canciones grabadas en vivo. Retrieved 10 February Ccuerda Tuti meets El Gallo. They learn of Triple R’s ties to the government. The Complete List 6. Romero, one of the new villains of the plot. Daniel’s mother asks her son not to go to work because he knows that his friend had a very serious problem.


Yugular Que corra la sangre EP. After confronting some men at the border, Vicenta and Daniel are in charge of protecting the children of the couple who died at the hands of assailants; but before removing them from the place where they were, they are stopped by a man from Los Petates group.

Romero as he wants to propose new alliances so that he can transport the drug’s without any problem. Repertorio de Rosendo Concierto en Fuenlabrada.

SeƱora Acero

Vicenta gathers a group of immigrants to cross the border, but tells her that the plans to cross in a car changed and that now they will go on foot; but in the middle of this meeting; Marcelo calls Vicenta to tell him that he is back with his daughters and now wants fllja thank him for helping them cross the border.

Indira looks for her son; after the discussion they had. Episodes Season 4 5 Characters. Retrieved 17 November Elario tells Vicenta him to choose which grave he wants to die in; but just at that moment the authorities arrive to arrest him and Vicenta learns that he will remain at the disposal of the Mexican Navy.

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Upon reaching the border, Vicenta asks Rosario to calm down so the police do not suspect and Azuceno gives his boss all the information he can get from Daniel Phillips. El Indio asks one of his best men to take charge of destroying Los Acero and Mendoza talks to Cyerda and Marcelo cyerda tell them that they will be in a more secure cell; since he does not want their lives to be in danger.

Domingo asks Marcelo to stop torturing him because he can not take it anymore; but Marcelo tells him that he must first tell him what Mario did to his daughter because she does not recognize him.