Just wait and see how I will cast away that consort and steal the Emperor from her. She received the message from Yoo, asking to meet her at a temple outside the palace. You are commenting using your WordPress. Suddenly, Ta-hwan appeared and he was excited to see Seung-nyang there. They had reached the capital and the citizens blamed Goryeo for causing Yuan to be defeated. I love you, Yang-ie ya. The letter was planted by Dangkise and Co. Seung-nyang paid her a visit since the Dowager was to be sent to the temple, although her crime was punishable by death.

Sorry for not dealing with some of the inappropriate comments earlier. They were trembling and pleading for their lives to be spared, but Ta-hwan heard different things from them: Seung-nyang hugged him, telling him that she truly loved him. She hugged him and cried her heart out, calling him like what she used to do before…. After knowing that the other people who knew about the secret was Yoo and Co. Another arrow was shot and it hit Baek Ahn on the front, near his heart.

He begged for her to agree with him but Seung-nyang was thinking of something different; one day, he would understand that she did it for his sake. TH seems broke Inside …. SN finally realised that her Yuan allies were all ungrateful towards her. Back at the rock cave, the slaves had been searching for the said gold but nothing had been found so far.

She was so close to shoot him with her arrows, but he managed to flee from the scene.

Campus Connection: “Empress Ki” Eps. (synopsis, episodes, links, and review)

I wonder if she saw the birthmark? Commander Park told her that Consort Ki had ordered her death by poisoning and forced her to drink the poison. She saw Yoo but he ran after the guards who were trying to escape.

Seung-nyang put Maha on her lap and Eunuch Bang, who happened to drop by to take some documents from Seung-nyang, was surprised to see Seung-nyang with her biological child. Seung-nyang saw Bi-soo coming to the palace to deliver the goods and she told her that Yoo was safe for now, knowing how worried Bi-soo was. Seung-nyang was teaching Ayu when Ta-hwan went to her quarters. Next Post Moving On.


Anger and disbelief were visible on his face before Ta-hwan decided to destroy the letter by burning it, as if it would make him forget what he just read. Baek Ahn and the Dowager were both worried that they might encounter a big problem if the Emperor had passed away since Consort Ki would be the Regent for the young Crown Prince Ayu. Writers please dont do this to us or else Empress Ki fans will gonna hunt you…ahahahaha…are you with me guys???

Shooting at night Photojournalism The vengeful Seung-nyang admitted that Yoo was the only person forever in her heart and she aimed her bow right at Ta-hwan before shooting ji arrow….

You said that I should stop the overflowing emotions, right? He seemed to lose his mind after reading that letter he burnt. He decided to go back to the capital and Suri overheard it.

Did anyone notice that the Dowager was missing? Congratulations on 49 years that is amazing.

Empress Ki: Eps 44-45

Previous Post Empress Ki: This is so sad…. I am becoming fond of bi soo, eplsode hope she wont perish in this drama and give wang yu happiness.

Dangkise was sure that Baek Ahn would be looking for the treasure too and ordered his henchman to find out the recent news from the palace. Notify me of new comments via email. Seung-nyang returned to the palace and she was greeted by the other concubines. I did feel Bi-Soo though. Of course those two would choose the latter. It was the least thing he could do to protect his family.

The Dowager called him and escorted him oi his quarters but not without giving Seung-nyang her evil glare.

Empress Ki: Eps 46-47

Yoo was concerned about her safety but Seung-nyang assured that she would take care of it. Even while eating or taking a walk, I was afraid to think if all these things were just my dream. A nun was escorted to the throne hall and Seung-nyang had another thing to be disclosed: He talkibg for a shadow play to be prepared since he wanted to make Seung-nyang happy and refused to budge, although Golta tried to persuade him that he had done enough things for his precious concubine.


Seuung-nyang was calm, wiping off her tears after witnessing the whole thing in place of her dead friends.

It must be the execution day, because Tanashiri was waiting nervously in the Cold Palace before the eunuchs led by a scary looking Dok-man arrived to drag her out. Maha was used to inform Emppress about it and just like what the Dowager planned, Seung-nyang managed to get her hands fpisode the petition and the fake ledger since she had episove control over most of the palace staff.

Skip to content What is wrong episkde what is right? The moment sy desided to work with wy start of ep 39 she destroyed every thing and kiled everyone. Yoo and his henchmen had reached the fort outside Liaoyang and they found it odd that no one was seen guarding the gate.

She thought that Bayan should got pregnant too and then, they would be able to select the Crown Prince. Later on, she is shot with an arrow, and her baby gets thrown into the river below.

It was his chance to get rid of her and Seung-nyang was soon approached by the assassins. Same thing goes for Tanashiri: He was on the verge of breaking down, saying episodee plan was the reason for him to kill his own uncle his voice sobs. They got a surprise visit from a little visitor: Seung-nyang tried to stop him but Ta-hwan thought she was just being embarrassed in front of him. LOL nice one, Emperor! As she saw Bayan, she cupbowrd an idea to make it happen.

I can never forget their expressions. The one who turned me into this evil woman, it was you, Your Imperial Majesty!! My first love is my husband. Seung-nyang showed her reply to the letter sent from Goryeo and with that, Wang Yoo agreed to help her. Galacio View my complete profile.