We love to hear from our readers, so be sure to pop us an email! I looked at the pattern for the first time and my heart sunk when I saw that I had to learn a new cast on. Share on Facebook and get our email updates! Using the crochet hook, pull a loop of yarn through the main loop as if making a chain. Olivia Author April 19, at 4: Got myself a new pattern book too! I looked in several knitting books and nothing!

Use magic loop on a circular instead of double points. You are commenting using your WordPress. DPNs mean hassle and I give it up. Share on Facebook and get our email updates! Again, like making a chain. Just took the class yesterday at Verb in Oakland. When I get to the end of one of the needles in magic loop, and the lace pattern has a yarn-over at the end of the needle, what I do is work the yarn over as usual wrap the yarn from the back, to the front, then over the needle to the back of the work.

Since the first stitch is at the beginning of the first needle, I put the marker between the first and second stitches and call it good: You are commenting using your WordPress.

Tighten it a bit, but not too much: I am working on the POP blanket and it is so beautiful but my cast off remains super tight.


The pinhole cast-on is an elegant way to start a piece of knitting from the centre. Let the tail hang down.

Emily Ocker’s cast-on – for flat circular knitting

This gives a beautiful closed center to your project without having a gaping hole or an awkward puckering that distort’s your fabric. I did try to wrap the yarn from back to front for step 4, but this gets really tricky with a knitting needle.

So many fabulous Emilys in the knitting world eh?

After transferring the stitches from the crochet hook to the 4 dpns to begin increases I begin to despair. I don’t see buying more needles with cables flexible and long enough to do something this small.

When you go on oh start knitting in Dogwood specifically, but I guess anywhere would you recommend transferring to DPNs or do you use a magic loop technique?

Emily Explains: Emily Ocker’s Cast On

Bring your crochet hook over the original loop and hook the working yarn again, and pull the yarn through the loop you just made. Take your yarn and form a loop with the tail to the back. Insert your crochet hook from front to knittimg through the main loop. My method is hard to describe, but oh so easy to do. Skip to content Tutorial: DPNs mean hassle and I give it up. Gaildh a regular here.

Use magic loop on a circular instead of double points. Any suggestions to aide with this cast on? I guess I am stupid but do you recommend knitting Vivid in the round or with double pointed needles.


Knit the Vivid blanket and loved the pattern and the results. Keep coming back to this page to refresh my memory!

JG: Emily Ocker’s Cast-on

Watch a video at by MountainMom [here] or see a photo tutorial by Theresa at SpellingTuesday [here] What have you been struggling with? Notify me of new posts via email. How is a life fof any good on two rows and 16 sts?

Continue following your pattern as instructed. Hook the working yarn again, and pull it through the loop you just made. Just got the Vivid blanket pattern and used this tutorial to learn how to do the pinhole cast-on. Keep going until you have the requisite number of stitches. Hi Shirley — thanks for coming out yesterday!

Emily Ocker’s Cast-On | Interweave

I love the pictures! It’s needles all over the place, stitches sliding off but worst of all everything gets twisted. Contact us Privacy policy Terms of use Copyright.

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