Page 1 Page 2 Next page. Hyun-dong catches him in the act, then proceeds to beat the bus driver in retaliation. Pretty sure they used a girl for that lead-up scene and then switched to Jisoo when it was the body waves and dancing. Its rice mixed with whatever side dishes you have left in the fridge and some sauce of your preference!: I kept on crying inside bc I couldn’t handle the pretty and the plot combined. Bong-soon’s family is really entertaining. Can’t wait for cohabitation hijinks.

Teletabz February 26, at 7: The more Gook-doo reads, the more depressed Bong-soon gets, and he concludes his retelling by asking her if what he said makes any sense at all. Honestly, I had very high expectations for this show since it’s got my fave Jisoo and I love Hyungsik and Boyoung as well. I find it funny that Bong Soon fights the thugs mainly because she wanted them to compensate her phone This was actually the one thing that bothered me about the episode. Hahahaha- Park Hyung Sik was the runaway surprise for me in this drama. Honestly, my expectations for this show were sky high.

Back in the present, Bong-soon crushes walnuts one by one between her fingers. Sojuboy February 26, at Do you happen to have a link to that video? That way her decision carries more weight. Can’t wait for the next episode! The slapstick comedy bits are not overdone and the mystery will keep me from being bored of a plain romance, though with these characters, I wouldn’t mind a plain romance either.

I like the little cutesy sounds they insert during the scenes. I am already so excited for the next episodes to come! This might be pulled me off my drama slump-mode these days. And of course the bus at the beginning reminded me of the Vehicle of Doom in every show ever. My daughter has an assignment for an essay “why my mother should be on the cover of people magazine.


Just one episode in and I know I’m in for the long haul. I’m sad not to add to revenue. At that, the entire room erupts in outrage, and one of the kids reaffirms that Bong-soon caused all their injuries. I thought it would be borderline cartoonish and too flat without anythg substantial as as a sub-plot.

Elsewhere, in a totally different income bracket, Min-hyuk flaunts his riches and free time by rolling through a park on a hoverboard.

The teasers were all so funny and cute, so I was really anticipating this show to fill my drama drought. Undeterred, the voice continues with his ominous warning, until Min-hyuk hangs up in annoyance.

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It’s like watching a comic show when I was a kid, albeit the real killing spree going on in the middle of the show. I hate to think we’ll be jumping from scene-to-scene the same way in every episode. I’m surprised about the level of love from other beanies too!

It seemed really careless and selfish of her not to put a stop to that. And does everyone know about the commotion involving a certain other person taking the name of a Ha Ji-won character? But Ga-young’s heart is for Young-gul, and Young-gul’s heart is for Anna, so will this love square ever be settled?

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I can watch HIM all day: It seems clear to me that that would have been a good deed and therefore wouldn’t have gone against the rules. Download drama korea vampire idol subtitle indonesia fast, download drama korea vampire idol subtitle indonesia goblin, download drama korea While I’m not totally sold, Drramaload willing to see where this goes.

But same ingredients can be used for both, or as Chocopie wrote, the ingredients are “whatever side dishes you have left in enng fridge” in “ome sauce of your preference. Accidental Couple Korean Drama Episode 1. I think the show handled those comedic super natural moments quite well. Watch cheongdam dramwload scandal korean drama, bi mat cheongdam dong scandal korean drama, youtube cheongdam dong scandal korean drama, cheongda This show is sooooooo funny The numbers are enough to make her stick around to ask more questions.


I am not too sure, since it’s my first time watching him in anything and so I am not familiar with Jisoo, but I think it was. Andrea February 26, at 8: I always watch and download fron Kissasian. That hospital scene with Bongki was pretty funny when he realized who was behind the interesting X-rays. PHS finally gets a good lead role after the disappointing Hwarang.! There are so many reasons to love this drama and I’ve found another one in the form of this quote that the CP gave in a recent interview: Drama Korea High Kick 3.

That scene was the best! Also he speaks her language because I had no clue what stop motions were but he figured it out! I want to see Gookdoo being a good detective and even rising the ranks despite his principled nature because of his determination, acute sense, and skills.

It is obvious that Gook Du cares for her as a friend and not anything beyond that. When the girl in the alley screamed and nobody heard I was wondering where super-hearing lady from Voice was when we needed her. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

Oh, Park Hyung-Sik, you had me at “so damn sexy”. Funny comics drawn plus punishments ranging from leprosy to diarrhea to powerlessness This show has forever ruined me. I love his style too. Web Drama Korea Subtitle Indonesia.