Wait, I don’t own a dvd player. Thank you, Lime Chilli! Will they end up together despite all the obstacles that they are going to face? We flash back in time to , to an incident where the twins were kidnapped. She broaches the topic of most importance, which is why he needs a bodyguard in the first place. What little screen time PHS has is utilized so well. I’m always on board with a dark element hiding under some fluff! Download drama korea terbaru, download drama korea terbaru , download drama korea terbaru sub indo, download drama korea terbaru , d

He explains to Bong-soon that Min-hyuk personally recommended her. LOL I like how Minhyuk is confident in himself, and is actually turned on, not off, by Bongsoon’s strength. About Me Janedinin View my complete profile. Park Bo-young is my one exception to this rule. Maybe his portrayal of AMH really did it. It is obvious that Gook Du cares for her as a friend and not anything beyond that. ObsessedMuch December 5, at

Strong Woman Do Bong-soon: Episode 1 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I don’t even eat Salmon forget about cooking it. Thank you for the epidode. Everything you said plus alpha! It’s just to be cute and funny. Download drama korea queen s classroom subtitle indonesia thor, download drama korea queen s classroom subtitle indonesia kingsman, download Sometimes she just needs to have a more positive attitude.

Mango Juice February 28, at 2: There has to be some producers you can def rely on. I know she had tried to call the police to have them take care of it, but then she wasn’t able to because the other gangster took her phone, and so that other gangster was beating up on the old man for a really long time!

He attributes their imaginative storytelling to watching too many superhero movies and dismisses them.

Episode 1 did not disappoint! How cute is Park Bo Young? The slapstick comedy bits are not overdone and the mystery will keep me from being bored of a plain romance, though with these characters, I wouldn’t mind a plain romance either. He’s totally unfazed by her ability to overpower anyone in his vicinity, and seems oddly thrilled by it. Min-hyuk watches the girl as she leaves, fascinated.


Im so happy for the cast for the impressive ratings!! Between words, Secretary Gong makes disbelieving faces at Min-hyuk for what he considers a crazy arrangement.

Accidental Couple Korean Drama Episode 1 – Drama Korea Top

Honestly, my expectations for this show were sky high. If the drama gods don’t make you first lead, I’ll volunteer as tribute! I like how Min Hyuk says whatever’s on his mind and thought he was totally in his right to use banmal with his bodyguard. Getting the helmet from the delivery guy was brilliant. The best part of him is that he looks sexy even he’s playing weak. And I’ve been totally captivated by Park Hyun Sik, I’ve never thought I’d love his character but his so interesting and quirky.

Gook Doo has a girlfriend?

It’s enh colorful and clear, I feel like I watched a comic book come to life. Heh, how cute is it that Bong-soon called her brother oppa, while he called her noona? A young girl gets brutally murdered by an unknown person on a dark night. Ji Soo, so perfect.

I like crime part too, I hope it will be done well. Miranda February 26, at 5: Web Drama Korea Subtitle Indonesia. Drama korea a coffee dramaloadd go subtitle indonesia beauty, drama korea a coffee to go subtitle indonesia kingsman, drama korea a coffee to go sub A, once I’d discovered his bandmate from watching Misaeng. His blink-blink did-I-hear-that-right expression was so hilarious.

About Me Janedinin View my complete profile. But he is fighting against time, because the queen’s powerful political clan wants him removed from power. Korean drama list, korean drama listkorean drama listkorean drama listkorean drama listkorean drama list wikipedia, korean drama list english subtitles, korean drama list kissasian, korean drama list wikipedia, korean drama listkorean drama, korean dramakorean drama free, korean drama list, korean drama on demand, korean drama series, korean drama dramalod, korean drama sites, korean drama download, korean drama black.

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From the car, Min-hyuk watches Bong-soon ride off on her bicycle, the wind catching in her bouncy hair, and the memory of her strength makes his heart pound probably. Either super tall or super petite. Never thought Ji Soo can be so pretty hahahahahaaaaa If you want to be comical, just go eramaload in, otherwise you’ll end up with weird all over the place tone like some dramas.


Hooded guy in alley reminded me of hooded Introverted Boss. Although he is still a freshman, he is the number one pitcher in Yonsei Baseball Team. This might be pulled me off my drama slump-mode these days. Our quirky CEO isn’t being left behind with our spanky heroine. At that, the entire room erupts in outrage, and one of the kids reaffirms that Bong-soon caused all their injuries.

Glad I proofed this before submitting. The show then flash forwards to the modern days where he is living like a normal human, his face never changing and meets Chun Song Yi Jun Ji Hyun. I think over time, he will definitely realize who that pink hoodie girl really is. In fact their friendship is incredibly one-sided, not just the crush.

Or is he so incredibly bullheaded that he’s explained away zub participation in every single superhero event she’s gotten caught up in? Almost as an afterthought, Bong-soon asks for the name of the company. After a pause, Min-hyuk reveals that the gangsters beat each other up. You could tell from the way he was more annoyed at his disturbed sleep that dramaolad was ejergency a frequent occurence. Rian Jiyeona member of a famous girl group called HershE, chases after JB, who was once her boyfriend.

I really liked it and I hope they will be able to do that here.