Supriya tells him that she wished to get Ghana and Sumukhi married, but she was scared that Ghana would have rejected her. Digambar asks him to wish Radha good night. Prachi tells her that she will understand it after marriage. After Dhyana leaves, Digambar comes to talk to Ghana. He explains that he is a software engineer and has some aspirations. Shripad and Mahesh decide to meet to discuss about the wedding arrangements.

Ghana comes to drop Radha home on his scooter. Ghana drops the ring. All are enjoying the ice-cream except Supriya because she is unwell. Mahesh tells Devki that he wants to have the engagement ceremony at his house. Mayi tells her that their wishes won’t be fulfilled as Ghana has decided to have registered marriage. Digambar asks Ghana to choose a finger. Dhyana states that he overheard Devki and Shripad’s conversation. But both Kale and Desai families put pressure on them to get married as soon as possible because of their age.

Everyone shows Mayi the things they bought.

Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta

Kuhu replies that she won’t be having a registered marriage. Mayi is elated when Pari informs her that Ghana has gone to see the girl. Ghana gets bored when Dhyana lxgnachi himself in front of him. Radha tells Devki that she wants laghachi talk to her about an important topic. Ulka tells Ghana that she has spoken to the family about him. Avinash tells Manav that he will ask for an explanation in the office. Manav overhears and expresses his wish to marry Radha.


She expresses her dislike for calling one’s companion with different names. Moira Barton discovers an intruder and Chas Dingle reveals a shocking secret in In an unusual turn of events, Radha begins to actually care for Ghana. Mahesh supports him saying that he too wanted everything to happen soon before Radha changes her mind. Both try to find excuses to reject them. Radha refuses to go on a scooter with Ghana and explains the reasons behind it.

Radha and Ghana have their individual goals in their lives and don’t want to be married. He wakes up Radha and tells her that there are thieves in the house.

An apprehensive Digambar comes to Ghana. Ganga and Yamuna try to recollect who else they are supposed to inform.

Vallabh and Digambar tell Shripad that the three of them will have a party together. She states that perhaps Supriya is not happy about Ghana’s alliance. Ghana tells Digambar that Radha has changed her mind about cancelling the alliance. Radha thanks them for volunteering. She shows it to Ghana.

Eka Lagnachi Doosri Goshta – Episode 16 – video dailymotion

Vinod and Avinash introduce themselves to each other. Mahesh is upset about it and Radha tries to pacify him.


Mahesh has a hangover, but he denies it. Avinash pulls Manav away to find the ring; just then Pari notices the ring. Mahesh tries to explain to her how nice the family members are even though Radha tells Mahesh that the alliance is broken. Without listening to him, Devki scolds him for being irresponsible. Ghana announces his and Radha’s decision of having a registered marriage.

Avinash assures him that they will find a suitable match for Radha. Emilia Clarke has teased there is “a very good reason” why the makers Game of Thrones took their time with the Prachi explains to her that they need to follow the traditions. Supriya makes an excuse to avoid going with her.

Manav, who is head over heels in love with Radha, tries to impress her with his poetries. However, they are firm on their decision of a registered marriage.