Neetu tries to brainwash Kalpana into forgetting Raghav, but Kalpana misses Raghav to such an extent that she does not even enjoy the beautiful rain that she earlier always loved. Watch the entire episode as the two friends turn enemies for the sake of their love. Both of their blood don’t match with Raghav’s blood and finally Kamla decides to go through a blood test to find out her blood group. Later, Raghav is completely out of danger. The neighbours later apologize to Kamla but still don’t agree to help them with their business. Ek Mutthi Aasmaan – Episode – June 11,

I will let you know once she comes back. Kamal thanks her God for saving Kalpi. Where will i bring the fess from? Kamla and Vitthal later plan to apply for a loan from the bank in order to get some financial help for their business. Raghav scolds Kalpana for coming to such a place for an interview. Kamla later informs Kalpana that Raghav is completely fine now and that she should stop worrying.

She says we went through a lot ai but I am fine now.

Gauri had promised to help her achieve Raghav’s love in return for her support. Sections of this page. Watch here to find out. I will let you know once she comes back.

EK Mutthi Aasmaan

Kamla sees them together but does not get angry with them. Vitthal continues to express his hatred towards Raghav in front of his family and shouts at Kalpana for sitting with Raghav in his car. Kalpi says i have apologized already. Kamla realizes that Kalpana has gone to meet Raghav and is worried that Pakhi will see her there. Sammy calls Paki and tells her that they have found them.


Kalpana calls this a signal from god and wants her to stop thinking of Raghav.

While cleaning his shirt, Raghav gets close with Kalpana and tries to talk to her about his love for her, but just then Vitthal arrives and sees them together. He says are aasmmaan your manner entering without knocking?

They have no time to dawdle over a leisurely breakfast and chit-chat with their families. Kalpi will be umtthi by tonight. Sammy asks Kalpi what happened? Pakhi accuses Kamla of hiding the real facts about Kalpana and Raghav’s affair. She goes to Kanta asks did you hear what they say? Pakhi continues to behave rudely with Kamla and asks her to leave the place when she hears Raghav coming.

Both Pakhi and Kalpana come forward to donate their blood.

Scene 2 Kanta is in her house. Will Kalpana’s idea of opening a restaurant with the help of her neighbours be a success? What will Kamla’s reaction be? Kanta says I know I love her but how can we send her school. Neetu tries to play her cunning trick and spills drink on Raghav’s shirt.

Both of their blood don’t match with Raghav’s blood and muthhi Kamla decides to go through a blood test to find out her blood group. But Kamla makes an excuse and lies to him. See more of Aaasmaan Mutthi Aasman on Facebook. Pinki comes in and says my slipper is broken I need another one.

But Raghav asks her not to care for him and instead goes away for a meeting. Kamla calls Vitthal and tells him that she is coming back and that the ‘yatra’ was a huge success. But will the neighbours support Kalpana’s new business aadmaan


She tells Vitthal that Kalpana had gone to meet Raghav and this angers Vitthal. Raghav scolds Kalpana for coming to such a place for an interview. Ek Mutthi Aasmaan – Episode – July 03, She prays for Pakhi and Raghav to come close and for Kalpana to move forward in life. She asks Kalpana to stop meeting Raghav as he is her husband and he is not in any way related to her.

Pakhi enters her house and asks Gauri if she allowed Kalpana to meet Raghav and Gauri denies. Yet, the Bai remains, muttji, the most taken-for-granted service provider of the household. Kalpana and Kamla pray for their new business.

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Pinki says let me go my madam is so strict. Kamla Bai gets a call from Kalpana. Your daughter is perfectly fine and I promise you that she will be back to home till night. Later, Raghav suddenly gets allergic to the room spray, seeing this, both Muthti and Kalpana rush towards him with a glass of water.

Kalpana doesn’t lose hope in spite of not getting help with the loan for starting her business. The project is delayed. Ek Mutthi Aasmaan – Episode – June 16,