You can select multiple too. Poonam talks to the family and requests them to believe in Akash and give him one last chance. His evil intentions were shown in his intro scene as he eyes a married woman in the train and flirts with her. Akash and Poonam are unaware of their bad intentions. He is a rich and holds a successful business. Kanno gets tensed and says I did all this as Mangla asked me to do.

Shashikant gets angry on both of them. Prabhunath gives his consent to sell the house. Deepak asks Akash to return his money on the right time, as it does not matter to him how he arranges his money. Akash is not aware of the fact that Ramesh is after all this fraud. They wanted to know whether he knows what his party men are doing behind his back, or is he also involved in all the matters. Akash wants to make it special for Poonam by showering his love and colors on her. Kanno goes to office taking lunch for Jai to surprise him.

Will Poonam and Akash keep the family together and happy? The current one is Ek Ghar Banaunga. Poonam explains everyone how people can fool them of ghosts and supernatural things. Seeing your good response on the Star Plus Banaubga Awards post, we thought to bring this interesting poll for you.

Poonam and Akash try to make Prabhunath forgive Deepak.

Chidiya Ghar

The current track shows Baaunga finding a house for her parents. Akash and Poonam are unaware of their bad intentions. Akash have been cheated by Kothari, who was planted by Ramesh. Prabhunath is shocked to see what a son is like.

She messages Akash about the address where she reached with Kamal. You can leave a comment epispde tell us about the reason for your choice of the show and Jodi. It has to be seen how Poonam balances her work and life.


He sees Akash dk Poonam hugging and gets angry as he dreams of getting physical with Poonam. She fools him in her lovely words and fake hugs. Pooja is running after money which Jai at the moment is unable to see. Jai promises her that soon he will be taking her and will kick out Kanno out of his house. Deepak asks Akash to return his money on the right time, as it does banaunnga matter to him how he arranges his money.

Jai runs after her and consoles her. He gets worried and rushes to the place. She drags Pooja to the road and beats her infront of the market people. Stay tuned to your favorite show Ek Ghar Banaunga. Rahul did theatre workshop conducted by National School of Drama and decided to become an actor.

She now has the responsibility of her parents as well. Will Poonam succeed in making the father-son relation good like before? Deepak is shocked to know about the truth thar Akash went in huge loss as the event he managed did not work out.

Poonam is annoyed that they did all this so that her parents does not stay close to episore. Akash took care of them as their son would do. They come only to get their share in the property. Kanno goes to office taking lunch for Jai to surprise him.

Ek Ghar Banaunga Episode 22nd January – Comedy Nights With Kapil

Deepak comes after a span of five years to meet his parents, only to ask for his share in the property. The men who were scaring others hear this and come out running stopping Poonam from igniting the fire in the house.


Pooja is shocked to see the real face of her mum and tells everyone that her mum made her do all this for the sake of money. When Akash asks them why they did this, they name Kanno and also give a proof against her. Poonam says this is wrong, how could he take our car without our consent, we must file a police complaint against him.

Poonam with the help of Akash and Kanno, comes to know everything about Pooja and her mum Usha.

You can select multiple too. Will Akash support Poonam? Everyone believes him and raise on Kanno for ruining the family name and creating an issue on abnaunga road. Poonam as always looks gorgeous and Akash is much adorable. Everyone trusts Poonam and feels she is right. Mangla and Kanno are finally caught red handed by Poonam and Akash.

He is a rich and holds a successful business. Usha puts all the blame on Pooja. Poonam does not believe in ghosts and rather selects that place for her parents, but Akash is against it. Shashikant is ei of his powers and comes back home with his sons. But she gets surprised seeing him with Pooja in an awkward moment. Mata Singh gets angry and asks his men to take off their car which later on he uses in his campaign.

Just to banaunva some light on the statistical sample of votes, the total votes polled are in few thousands.