Carmel witnesses a stressed Stacey physically taking Lily upstairs and refuses to leave Stacey with Lily and Arthur. Martin then moves back in with Stacey. Working with Postpartum Psychosis. Retrieved 1 April Stacey convinces Jean that Janine has framed her. Working with Tommy’s View Whitney and Lee’s story: Retrieved 22 August Stacey tells Martin she has a stalker, and when Jean and Ollie visit, she tells them too.

After hours of pleading with Bradley, she finally gives up and after doing so, their romance sours. Stacey gives birth at Lily’s nativity play and Martin names the baby Arthur Fowler , after his father. Having a baby is a major life event and we want all new and expectant mums get the mental health support they need. A distraught Stacey confesses to Max that she killed Archie while her world falls apart. He eventually decides to give their marriage another chance, suggesting that they start a family. Retrieved 17 December

Stacey’s Story: Home at last

After hours of pleading with Bradley, she finally gives up and after doing so, their romance sours. She causes trouble through her promiscuous and immoral behaviour, and is sent back home to Jean. It makes people’s mood go from very low, making you feel depressed, to extreme highs known as mania and is often diagnosed between the ages of 18 and They start an affair, but, unbeknownst to them, Janine finds out and poisons Ryan in revenge.

Bradley calls time on his relationship with Stacey when she embarrasses him at a work party. Retrieved 11 June I’m so lucky to have had such challenging storylines, from the affair with Max and being diagnosed with bipolar to the complete shock of being revealed as Archie’s killer during the live 25th Anniversary episode.

Not choosing reconstructive surgery View Carol’s Story: Tim Metcalfe’s life will hang in the balance as heart attack storylin Stacey and Bradley agree to pretend the baby is theirs, and remarry on 18 February EastEnders scriptwriter Tony Jordan revealed that he created the character with Turner in mind: A distraught Stacey confesses to Max that she killed Archie while her world falls apart.


Lacey Turner wins huge praise for portrayal of mental illness”.

The couple were shown to face problems in Augustwhen Stacey declared she was pregnant with Bradley’s child, and on the advice of his father, Max Jake WoodBradley convinced Stacey to have an abortion. Stacey helps Belinda out at her new salon and Belinda is impressed with her. Stacey returns and after accusation from and arguments with Martin, Martin throws her out and exposes her affair, but Stacey gains entry to the house and has the locks changed.

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She discovers that Charlie has died, so flees and meets Kyle, asking him to run away with her. She concedes defeat until Lauren, who still believes Max is emotionally involved with Stacey, gives Janine the recorded confession. She has featured in numerous high-profile storylines, including abortiondrug abusea troubled relationship with her mother Jean Gillian Wrightdiscovering she has bipolar disorderan affair with her father-in-law Max Jake Woodbecoming a victim of rape and murdering her rapist Archie Mitchell Larry Lamb.

Stacey’s phone is posted through the letter box and she finds it the next day. Although Stacey and Bradley split up at Christmas when her affair with Max is revealed, they get back together in December following Stacey’s diagnosis with bipolar disorder see below.

Stacey writes Martin a letter revealing that Arthur is Kush’s son, but decides not to send it, however a nurse finds it and gives it to Martin; Martin is heartbroken. Inside Soap Yearbook Stacey is furious when she figures out that Kat has not died and Mo used Kat dying as biploar excuse as she is in financial trouble.


Martin apologises to her and promises to make things right, determined to find a way to bring her back together with Arthur.

She said of her departure: Stacey has been such a brilliant role for me to play, as has been part of the feisty Slater family.

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Ronnie tells her to go, and Max drives her to the airport as the police arrive on the Square. A lot of people watch, so I think it’s great that a character that I enjoy watching is portraying an illness that I have myself. Views Read Edit View history. Jeff Povey 5 August Retrieved 15 May Stacey explains that she had sex with Max as she and Martin never have time for themselves and she is left to manage the house.

Archived from the original on 6 May Dominic Treadwell-Collins ; Writer: Carmel is horrified when she finds bruises on Arthur’s arms, and expresses her concerns to Kush that Stacey is unwell, while Stacey tells Martin’s sister Michelle Fowler Jenna Russell that he gained the bruises in hospital.

When Bex’s mother and Martin’s former wife Sonia Fowler Natalie Cassidy leaves, Bex moves in with the Fowlers, leaving the flat overcrowded, so they move into Sonia’s old house. Martin and Stacey date briefly before she realises she eaztenders feelings for Kush, despite his engagement to Shabnam.

When Stacey finds out Martin is planning to propose, she says she does not want to marry again.