Shes nothing to do.. As psychotic as talking to yourself and consulting your brain may be, it’s just hilarious in comedy. I guess that’s fine but I feel like the relationship is progressing way faster than she is comfortable with due to time restrictions it’s episode 12 of 16 and that she remains his secretary. I tell my kids all the time “I am your mom so i can’t be your friend. Everyone rallied to handle older-bro SJ with kid gloves and bubble wrap when it was baby-bro YJ who needed the extra care and attention. Dean November 14, at 2: And I’m starting to lean towards your point of view, that Yoojin’s final scenes was more of a manipulation of the audience, rather than Yoojin actually deserving redemption points.

And the lovebirds keep stuffing subways n tongue down each others throat? Really, I’m not sure how she feels about him. BC July 14, at Sung-yeon should be thankful that Young-joon loves everyone in his family so much that he would be willing to endure all that suffering alone. That sandwich actually has several names. Wasn’t there a flashback in an earlier episode where Yoojin is holding Hyerin and appears to be choking or stopping her from breathing?

If he was also constructed as a darker character who kills on orders, then he would be believable as Hyerin’s murderer. Thank you for sharing your story. I’ve been thinking about this last scene and everyone’s diverse comments while vacuuming, good for concentration and it occurs to me, maybe she IS too uncomfortable.

Dugu Jia Luo held strict expectations for herself to be independent and strong even at a young age. Yoo Baek is a popular singer and actor.

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Yes she has a huge fanbase thanks to her popularity as idol, but that won’t never make her excellent dramaatized. I guess the writer wants to satisfy Jeha-Anna shippers by giving them sweet, diabetes-inducing romance at the end.


Then he makes himself sad at the thought of losing people he cares about, which reminds him of seeing his ex-wife yesterday. Her acting is limited to two facial expressions, and these two are repeated over and over again in every episode.

All; Please send an email to help ondemandkorea. I’d like to say i enjoyed this show, but the way it ended, iam not too sure. Ahh the finale recap is already up! The ending was well done.

My idol chinese drama season 2

We learn in the final episode that the answer is yes. You’ll be forever missed. Yoojin tells Anna that in the life she’s led, she’s become worse than her father.

There is probably safety levels. The most unlikeable character award goes to Sung-Yeon. I also noted the Yong-pal like features.

To their credit, in the present time they ultimately told Sung Yeon the truth and apologized to Young Joon, rather than try to continue the falsehood at all costs.

And did you notice that we once again were hearing his slightly heroic theme song in the background? That girl is always hesitant when YJ make advances. In some scenes they lacked warmth.

Stairway to Stardom 2 Season 2 Feb. Kaeri July 15, at 9: His face when he suggested he sing her a lullaby was a sight to behold!

My idol chinese drama season 2

Finally, Park Seo Joon sinopsix great kiss, Wowzer. Sejoon, although he hasn’t killed anyone and dies in Cloud9, qualifies for redemption in the next life because, in the end, he cared more for Anna than his own life. Ally July 14, at 9: Miso was extremely nervous on their first night.

Cz i think ending of season 1 is sooooo anti climax. And I’m actually glad they didn’t reveal Jeha’s real name.


You can watch, download free more dramas, movies, TV shows releases in Korean, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and Chinese with subtitles are in English on 4udrama. Will YJ encourage her to quit?

I can’t believe they didn’t even get a touching farewell speech! Ok since no one talk about the 2nd and 3rd couple, let me tell you something You mean like Dick? So we get the concept of “trophy wives,” golddiggers,” etc. So, Yoojin had only two desires: As an audience member, I did sneer at SY, like “delusional! Or she could have ended up in an alternate world ala Steins;Gate where she can easily make another world line Alpha or Beta in which she can prevent herself from dying.

Sin senos sí hay paraíso

Ilove Song Yoo ah! Not as satisfying as I hoped it would be but at least it was a loose end that they tried to resolve, so I won’t complain too much hehe. So many unresolved dramatic beats that would have been drama prrotect. Where are her millions of heels?

Now I’m wondering why mum hates dad. YJ comes back scarred and was probably hospitalized for a few days, with his parents epizode by his side. Taosl November 14, at Stairway to Stardom Looking for information on the spring season, ? Yes, Yoojin has to die. Yoo Jin wanted to stay, and respect her decision. Some may not like her character here but she now holds the throne of my favorite female sramatized of