If that’s not suspicious, I’m not sure what. I can see it in her. Yoon eun hye and Joo ji hoon, wow what a chemistry they had in this drama!!!!!!!!!!!! About Me Kylecris Haven View my complete profile. On the other hand, from the very beginning the soundtrack of this drama hasn’t been in line with the moods each scene wants to portray. Yool and Shin bump into each other in the palace and start a nerve war. I was actually a bit angry after watching this but you calmed me down.

He is so freaking adorable. Chae Gyung and Shin are complete opposite of each other — an extreme lonely man and an extreme bright woman. Just come as you are OR Song Seung-heon are really really weird??? Gah, is there no drama storyline untouched by Fate? Those steaks they were eating

Also, this drama does not focus on Seol’s development as the nation’s leader at all! Do you prefer Grampa’s dentures? Hand Towel, I think we should discuss this epissode a nice shower clothing totally optional.

But if epsiode all the gaps in the previous dramas I watched. Joo Ji Hoon Main Cast. Kim Jeong Hoon Main Cast. Goong – Episode 9. I hope I’m wrong. I wish there were more such scenes between two of them From the side sea trip, to the grocery shopping, and while they cooked dinner.

I want my kiss next ep. Or should I say, The!

Throwback Thursday: Princess Hours / Goong

I could feel the heat and the tension with the silence. Eramacrazy Nam Gil Supporting Cast. Goong – Episode 4. Dan ditches the food at the bus stop — such a pill, that one — and heads to the palace empty-handed, where Yoon-ju greets her. She is so unbelievably sinister! Absolutely cannot wait for the next epi! I hope it happens with MP as well, because these two are just too darn cute: Well, I thought his angle is perfect and so is his acting in this scene.


Ryu Shi Hyun Supporting Cast. I freaking love the interactions between seol and HY. Even without the concrete proof, Seol cramacrazy starting to recall more memories, which are stirred by this location. It’s different from a lot of the other heartthrob parts because of that. It also could work the other way around–have no music before the kissing scene which happened here and drxmacrazy music when kiss happens so that it’s elicits that moment of appreciation.

I think this has got to be the prettiest couple in Korean Dramaland ever.

Goong S – Watch Full Episodes and Clips –

It turns out that the matter was covered up by Secretary Oh, who thought it best that he remain in the dark. Probably the acting of the actress not the Dan character that I don’t like: Park Ye Rramacrazy old drama to be precise.

The only reason haeyoung found Seol was because the grandfather was like find Lee Seol not ‘find Eunbyul’ or ‘Lee Dan’. Song Ji Hyo Main Cast. This stirs Haeyoung, who has gone through much turmoil in this episode, and this is why he tells her to forget about this, and then kisses her. Membership for 80 and above?

Thanks for the recap! There’s clearly something very wrong with this show. Kim Jeong Hoon Main Cast. Haeyoung and Yoon-ju, how would you like it if i dig up a bunch of stuff abt your dads and announce it on tv?

It’s just my two cents, of course; I’m not trying to start any heated debate: Community hasn’t filled out any information yet. Seol calls to check in on her mother that night while sitting in her new hideaway, the antique car on display.


I suppose I am the only one who likes his head–tilting is this a shame? This scene happened after the Taiwan trip. Confidence is the key.

Overall, I’m just happy to not see the plot drag since this is right where most dramas do and the kiss could have been worse. April 9, at 6: Who else had peisode think about titanic when they went in the old car.

Until now we could have considered Grandpa’s dismissal of his son as high-handed or erratic, but if the son has committed this crime, then sending him away makes sense for a chaebol who has to protect the good name of his empire. I really like the personalities of both of them. Goong – Episode 3.

I think Grandpa already saw it as that Seul and HY can never be together. I just keep seeing the actress acting too, and not seeing the actual character. And the public is who will be voting for the royal family restoration.

It dramacrazyy great dramscrazy just listening to it. April 10, at 7: Hand Towel In this economy, we feel you can save money by not worrying about silly things like costumes. The paparazzi photos of Hyo-rin and Shin get reported in the Thai newspapers. Darn it’s crazy hilarious head-tilt, eye-slant, head-tilt, eye-slant.