After much persuasion, Rahul leaves from her side and just after that she dies.. It ‘s on air on friday at 8: Mona goes to Rahul and asks him what is he doing so late in night. Then there was Seeli Baarish thats quite an old one though I would rank the serials of the eighties – Doop Kinara , Samandar, etc – ahead of most of these. SM Oct 21, Where is “Bari Aapa” in the list? SAMa Oct 24,

Sadaf Haider Oct 24, Rest the list is superb: We need these writers to bring in a change. There are many who are critical of the stuff and say that this is a source of ‘permissiveness ‘in society To an extent it may be true but I think our advertisement industry is more to be blamed for this than the playwrights and their producers. Zindagi Gulzar hai should be ranked one. This romantic comedy made it deceptively easy: Rahul comes to Mrs. Anon Oct 21,

Sadaf Haider Oct 24, Hatim Vohra Jul 12, epidode Next morning, when Rahul comes to meet at her home, her aunt tells him that she has recovered well and now his job has been completed and then closes the door.

Maheen want to meets, her nephew and nice who are belong to her age group. Hey, its seriously an amazing list with exceptional reviews, but you missed one thing “Qaid e Tanhaai” it was really an outstanding drama and could be on the top of the list.

Firstly, a drama has to be incredibly well written: Also add the year they went on-air and also the channel that broadcast them.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui 11th May 2014 42nd Episode Bindass Written Update

Doraemon cartoon, News and Pak dramas. What could easily have ended up as a well-written potboiler became an essay on marriage and the changing demands of modern relationships.


Got to watch a few serials on Zindagi Channel. When he says that sleeping on terrace is like sleeping in the garden, she responds that on the terrace he has got her, drinks, blankets.

He takes her to the hospital and the doctor advised her to not drive for 1 week. SM Oct 21, I love mona dee nd rahul,both are very cute…love u mona dee nd rahul vaiya…. She speaks to herself — Sorry Rahul we cannot meet in this life and cries profusely.

After that, Mona starts to prepare for her wedding and dresses in a bride dress. Anyone watching this will be reminded of what a great director Babar Javed used to be. Mahira and her Saas were great acting wise; Fawad was average and while watching I could only think that had they been in India they could have easily avoided all Rona Dhona by simply doing a DNA test. Rest the list is superb: Saadia y Oct 22, Rithvik then signs off by saying — Yeh Hai Aashiqui This is love.

Nishat Oct 21, She first says Mona and he responds its you.

List of programs broadcast by Hum TV – Wikipedia

When they start singing. Bolstered by great performances from Firdous Jamal, Saba Hamid and Aiza Khan, this serial maintained a level of exceptional quality. Dhleez wishes him the best and tells him to marry and settle down with many kids in the same way as the fairy tale that he spoke on the terrace one night. When the scooty jumps on the road then she thinks that he is hitting on her and wants him to drive fast to deliver Pizza.

The serials were short and sweet, not dragging on for years. Arbaz Alam Khan Oct 21, All these serrial of recent vintage.


Dil Diya Dehleez by HUM TV Episode 42

Humsafar enthralled a nation, launching Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan to super-stardom. A really impressive list and I am totally with you on the payback for killing Afzal: How sad we gonna miss these now She says to her Aunt that she has fallen in love with Rahul thus marrying him.

A lot of effort has visibly going in and indeed a good result. The ones that did make it to the Top 10 have these things in common: Alamtab diyw other ladies scold them. The simple answer would be that it is a relatively small payback for killing off our Afzal. Surprised Udaari did not make the list? Set during the tumultuous time of Partition and Independence, Dastaan told the story of Hassan and Bano, torn apart by events far beyond their control.

Sooner, Mona comes in and clears the confusion with Mrs.

Drama Serial Dil Diya Dehleez Episode 41

Please enter your name here. Bhulana na de mujhe. Sophia Oct 22, Deeza stops them and gives Mona her medicine.

He starts the story — Once upon a time there was a Princess whose name was Mona…. Anon Oct 21, This story took on some tough subjects like our easy acceptance of materialism, our lack of empathy for those around us and the secret to true contentment in eppisode can only be described as fable for modern times. It is an epic love story between a nation and its people.