In essential, tomorrow, we will go there. Maling was confused, how can he save the princess while she not believe him. I think,, it wannabe better if you never born in this world,, you know?? Full Name Comment goes here. Let me go out from here. Enough, you not need to explain it to me. I never see u before. I stay here and, you, get out from here.

And more deep, more deep Snow White: I need to go now. And now, I banned you be a stone. I know that u lived in Wakatobi, a small town. Kalambe, The mother was really angry with maling, and chase away Maling from their house. Published on Dec 18, Suddenly, his whole body turned into stone.

So I come here, and bring this fresh apple tou you. Maling kusang was so naughty, and all people in the village was hated him, because of that.

Naskah Drama Maling Kundang Parodi Bahasa Inggris | yusrinrazikun

Maling Kusang is coming with jundang wife, and he become a richman. I never see u before. And after some days after married, Snow white: Do you know that?? My names King William. She really want to know about family and identity of her husband. I stay here and, you, get out from kndang. She was very surprised…. Hey, it is mine, not yours. Nobody want to steal it. And you see the princess there?? In tomorrow morning, he woke up and shocked, because he was in nice room. I want you get out from this house.


U are so dirty and old.

But, my princess, it is the information that I get. There was storm last night, and I have found you in the beach.

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Situs ini menggunakan cookie. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. She cried and cried when the bodyguard dragged and get her away.

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What do you want? Once upon a time, on the West coast of Sumatra, there was a boy named Malin Kubdang.

Maling was confused, how can he save the princess while she not believe him. She could not be wrong. Why do you treat your own mother like this?

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I come here to save you. And he go to the enchanter house, and see the enchanter. Maling, now, we have already married.