Will Tara inform Jairaaj about the same? Tara witnesses them having an argument. Meanwhile, Tara and Mrityunjay depart from Omkar’s house for their honeymoon. Kalavati receives a threat message from a stranger. She visits Rudra’s room, and finds a secret door in it. Make sure you subscribe and never miss a new video:

Technews in telugu Make sure to follow a proper diet in order to achieve maximum results! By Janta TV views. Aditya persuades Meethi to forgive him, but in vain. He was, is and will always be in my heart to heal it whenever it gets hurt. Mrityunjay warns Tara about Rudra. Will Laado succeed in killing Fahim Chacha? Will Meethi believe Nandu?

Tara, an energetic, independent girl, agrees to marry a wealthy boy, Mrityunjay, to save her family from an impending financial crisis. Sia Tara wants Nandu to reveal her identity to Balli Mrityunjay. Laado decides to kill Fahim Chacha. Thank you for your love and support!! Ek Boond Ishkq – 27th March Meethi informs Tara about the same.

Embed Isyq Comments Autoplay. Tara tricks Nandu into informing the police about the whereabouts of Kalavati. By Harry views. By Tez News views. What will Tara do about the same?

Has Balli Mrityunjay accepted Omkar’s offer? Ep Tara learns that Rudra is Kalavati. Tara decides to tell Jairaaj about the attack only after finding evidence against Mrityunjay. Aditya dram Meethi to forgive him, but in vain.


By Harry views. Will Tara inform Jairaaj about the same?

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When opinions are shrill and polarized, we hope to create a middle ground and build bridges. Nirmala learns the truth about Rudra, and decides to inform Jairaaj.

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What will Tara do about the same? Rudra’s associates attack Mrityunjay in the jail.

Aditya persuades Meethi to forgive him, but in vain. Rudra blackmails Nirmala about the same. She learns that Rudra is Kalavati. Sia Tara becomes surprised on seeing Nandu in Omkar’s house.

I request you to please read this carefully and follow it accordingly. Mannat manages to save Vaibhav from Laado’s associate. Sia Tara becomes depressed draa failing to prove her identity to Omkar. Balli Mrityunjay refuses to become Sia’s Tara bodyguard, and returns the money given by Omkar to Laado.


By Bollywood Spy views. Technews in telugu Pari becomes elated as Balli prepares jalebis for her. Tara misunderstands that Mrityunjay attacked her.

Subscribe To Our Channel: To know more, keep watching Ek Boond Ishkq Will Nandu keep Sia’s Tara request? Tara pleads with Meethi to lie to Jairaaj about her whereabouts. Ep Laado kills the contract drma for failing to kill Sia Tara.

Will they succeed in doing the same? Yug notices Rudra entering Mrityunjay’s stable. The Shekhawat family learns that Dadaji had transferred the properties in Tara’s name.

Rudra plans to transfer Jairaaj’s property in his name.

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Fahim Chacha learns that Mrityunjay believes that he is Balli. Click to share it on Facebook: Tara becomes worried about Mrityunjay’s whereabouts. Tara strives to inform Jairaaj about Rudra.