Belle April 1, at 8: And even at his moment, he still feels that way. You saved me a lot of frustration. Even in the last scene at the playground when she was crying after she realized Baek Ho had regained his memory she was hitting him saying, “do you know what I’ve been through? And the conductor would go back to being a nobody instead of a dead Jedi Master because I don’t like makjang and sometimes unexplained things like fate, and church fairies are better as mysteries. Yes, there were flaws, but I watch it for my self enjoyment.

I started singing because of you. Neul gateun goseseo tteooneun taeyangcheoreom. This is the second drama after “Padam Padam” in which I am more interested in their friendship and the supportive couples rather than the main couple. Of the main reason why i love this show is Baek Hoo’s character. I hope he makes many more dramas and with better writing of course. Se beon kkajin budichyeo bwa yeoseot beonjjeum uljirado Daseot beon deo igyeonaemyeon kkeuchi boigi sijakhae Jogeuphage dallil surok jungyohan geol nochil ppunya Nege jom deo siganeul jwo sumeul goreul su itge hae. Look forward to seeing him in other dramas, maybe something with a more logical script?

I have the right to wish the writer was better and still love the acting, directing etc. Oh My Venus Moorim School: Obviously I looked over all the flaws to love it.

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I thought it was a side effect the conductor warned him about. The kind who attended the same school and shared ddukbokki together, am I right?

I love operation proppsal! If it wasn’t for yoo seung ho I wouldn’t have carried on watching but his earnest acting is what kept me going!

Operation Proposal: Episode 16 (Final) » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Episode 13 Episode Although the story shares the similar format of genuine love and childhood memories, Yoon adds several fresh twists and turns. I felt that since Baek-ho has worked so hard to get Yi-seul that he should get her, but I also felt that he deserves more and that she didn’t really earn this happy ending. They are a big part of the reason I rooted for him. YSH really does make you root for him. He looks back at her, but his expression is indiscernible if he recalls her now or not.


The doctor basically explains that Baek-ho is suffering from, wait for it — selective memory loss. Mudae wiro jomyeongi nareul bichumyeon Gadwodwotdeon nareul pureo noheul geoya i will show it to my world. Tears streaming down his face, she was his family and he wanted to become a better person because of her. He sends his genuine congratulations to the newlyweds and begins to talk about Yi-seul, the words reminiscent of the ones from Episode 1.

She assures him that she will go through with the wedding and become his bride. I have think both Beak-ho and Jin-Woo are equally awesome. There was not one second where I did not believe his feelings were real. Throughout the entire show both these characters has been doing things that just does not make sense both on their actions and reactions. Just enjoy the pretty.

Sung Yu-ri was originally cast as Eun-young but when she backed out of the drama, Yoon unexpectedly chose Han, who had auditioned for a smaller role.

Yaksokhae na meomchuji anheulge Geudaeman bomyeo. At the same time, the constant going back and forth with the same results, I just felt sorry for KBG, but I was to see that Yi-Seul finally realized what the real problem was. And they don’t hold back when doing sensual scenes, like she really smells him when she is on his back complaining that he smells bad with those stuff the angry kid has thrown, like she hugs him back quite firmly when he is hugging her, and those kiss, of course.

With a loving pat on the head, Grandpa yay! Spring Waltz was the final feature of the season-themed drama series directed by Yoon Seok-ho. But switching to banmal, he recites it word-for-word. I have to say I total by that. Maen cheoeum ne kkum, ne mal, geu singgeureopdeon yeoreum Tto cheongugui namjjok boda challanhaetdeon Yes, you are my baby baby baby, baby baby baby.


I mean I want to know how their futures panned out as well. Jae-ha tries to hide this from Eun-Young, but she eventually finds out, and left.

He is probably one of the very few smart people in the Kdramaland. It catches her off guard, and so he regales her with a story that might be appropriate. The writers did a nice wink wink, too, with how the cab driver described BH to YS. What a satisfying end! This girl was so sincere and brave.

Ah, so I was right – the writers had no idea what they were doing. Gaseum gipsugi ppajyeosseo Neomani jeonburangeol, cheongugirangeol Baby baby baby, baby baby baby. This drama was such a rollercoaster journey haha,made me cry,get annoyed,lose hope on whether main characters were gonna live or not! The ‘ I don’t remember you’ conflict was hilarious.

Romance, Historical, Fantasy Episodes: Yi-seul stormed in, hitting him in angry tears about how much she put her through. Is there some underground kissing class for young actors?

I’m not a fan of the screenwriter, but I have to note that BOF’s selective amnesia wasn’t really her idea. She hit those intervals almost flawlessly! Episodes 15 and 16 were total tearjerkers for me. Embed this content in your HTML. Thanks to YSH and the rest of the cast for such a nice performance.

Baek Ho deserved a happy ending, so I’m glad he got one.