Tani tells Damini not to keep anything against Urmi in her mind and punish her if she wants. Urmi makes a deal of her car and Samrat is shocked to see the car dealer who robs cars. He says that if she still wants to live with the fraud, its her choice, but asks her to get lost. Rajbeer that she loves him and will get him at any cost. She wonders how to get through Sanaya. Anirudh asks her has she lost it? They rush her to home.

Damini tells him that he better stay quiet. She forbids him touch her or come close to her. Bindua says ok i will ask aakramak to prepare for your journey. By Rimjhim Last updated May 1, Ishaan apologises to saroj and devi, with folded hands, for what tani did. After he leaves, shashi asks about the phone call. She cancels the call.

Why they all are shocked. She keeps the veil, and touches his feet. Samrat asks him to do sit ups.

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She says she never listened to her and Ishaan. A man recognizes Shiv in the way and moves towards his house. What a bakwas serial…. Ipdate says that she isnt an idiot. Tauji tells amrit to go and get a new cake done rightaway. She gets emotional and hugs him.

They used to like Urmi. Kt kk Oct – 3: They take one of the writtten by. Ishaan is advised by his mother, if he has ever thought about his two younger sisters. Shiv updat shocked to hear about this all and asks if she is in her senses. Ishaan says that she hasnt been talking since then, and asks for his help, if he trusts that he shall keep her happy. Samrat gets into a pretense mode yet again, and asks for another chance.


She says that being the elder brother, he can tell urmi to stay away from her son. Veera 17th October Written Episode Update. He likes her since long and kept lying that they are friends, business partners, etc.

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Savitri comes to Ganga in the room and questions what this all is, people respect Shiv being a MathaDesh. A password will be e-mailed to you. They both are shocked, as they remember the previous encounter.

Both of them are shell shocked, while samrat eyes them evilly. Damini asks her so she will leave her as well like Ishaan did? Like 0 Dislike 0. Welcome, Login to your account. He complies to that too.

She asks why did he need to meet father and if he isnt happy with her, and what does she not do for him, and gives him every happiness, and still he lied and went to meet his father.

Noor says he cant say As festivities begin, tauji gets everuone to dance, while urmi watches resignedly with her family. She asks him to lecture urmi instead, as if she doesnt retreat, it would just be highly unfortunate for her, and she herself wont like it. She gets and says that he wont get forgiveness either. He runs in the water and asks her to join him.

He throws off the candles, which shocks and hurts urmi. She tests by throwing black power on Pari and Pari feels it.

He says that ishaan likes urmi and wants to marry her.

He hollers for Mrs. Tani gets angry at Samrat but he fibs that he wanted to buy her writhen new car as a surprise but bacled off due to her emotional attachment. But samrat gets angry while tauji tells him that he would get a new, wonderful cake. She asks urmi to go while she handles the work here.


They discuss, while shashi starts fuming against them, that they are thinking of urmi, and not their own son, samrat. She recalls days from they got married, to days when Ishaan was happy with their upcoming child, to the day he died.

Sree 18th Oct – Tani is shocked to see him dressed like this, whle he too is shocked to see arushi. Tani is alone now. Samrat is in a disbelief. She talks about her stealing habit, and is adamant that she shall have to leave for jhansi tomorrow. Manjulika thinks how can they escape, Rajbeer must have got superpowers.

Samrat comes up somehow at the roof, and finds urmi waiting there, in a similar manner, that he had set for her. Samrat finds shaurya coming out. She says that he used him enough and that he is her son and wont let episods become his weapon.

The priest tells samrat, as he sits in his office, that his son would become a worldwide known name, and be very successful. Shashi comes there and says it had to happen.

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Noor says he cant say Pari says untils he is alive, she cannot get Rajbeer. He is stunned but complies nevertheless. Ishaan takes urmi inside the room, while she is shy and nervous.