Instead, they run about in blind panic in large, open spaces like a herd of frightened gazelle. Still, I give it a 6 out of It deserves to be put to the big-screen, but it may loose some things when it would be edited to shorten it. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Every decision concerning your very life is taken by the authorities. Everything was too predictable and the stupidly obstinate attitude of the mayor and the Dinotopian ruling class to avoid change was extremely irritating. It was like it came out of a Cecil B. I truly hope the books are better than this.

Oonu 3 episodes, Christian Simpson There is a dinosaur language that humans learned and can write down in the form of footprints. I truly hope the books are better than this. Written by Tim Herbstrith. Edit Did You Know? To make his cars legal again, Frank joins the mayoral race but becomes corrupted by power. I of course love dinosaurs. Then we discover dinosaurs have their own language and some even speak English.

The bulk of the story is confusing dialog and some of the worst acting I have ever seen. It is quite unlikely that the shipwrecked ancestors of the Dinotopians never had any animals aboard.

QueenPendragon 26 October This movie in fact, is probably my all time favorite. However, Karl plans to escape from the island. A distraught woman named Iridia claims an Outsider child did it. Sometimes I felt sorry for poor Sirus Crabb, a villain for sure, but he appeared to be the only one to question the ‘paradise’ he lives in.


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The dinosaurs were very well done, with an exception to the “talking” dinosaurs – they were a bit cartoony, but cute. A rescue party goes to war with T-Rexes to find him, but xenophobic locals who think they’re alone on the island capture him first.

Edit Did You Know? Really, that’s the best the director could come up with? Edit Details Official Sites: Sgreaming and David try to adapt to life in Dinotopia, and step one is to attend Dinotopia’s grade school, where Marion teaches them the rules of their society as well as the dinosaur language. Have you ever imagined a city built on top of a large waterfall?

When you live together with a saurian partner, aren’t you supposed to bury it decently after it dies?

The two leads however are saddled with some corny and hamfisted dialogue and dinoopia certain live down to it. Edit Storyline Pilot Frank Scott takes his sons, half-brothers raised by different mothers, along on an island hopping holiday, but just after spotting an unchartered yet inhabited large isle, the plane crashes at sea and unconscious Frank presumably drowns.

I believe it is worth the time to see and let the good times roll.

The acting was terrible. Isn’t that proof enough? Overall it was just a good 4. Being Dinotopian in the 20th generation, her knowledge seems rather implausible on a chickenless island.

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Catrone, the leader of the gang streamong found the artifact, realizes that he can now control T-Rexes and goes mad with power. A magical delight michael-stead 11 January Was this review helpful?

I expected much more and I got mediocrity. There is also a dinosaur who wants to explore “the world beneath. The brothers arrive in Waterfall City and find out they can’t leave, predictable but I went with it.

Recently becoming a Wentworth Miller fan, I found myself drawn to his earlier works and came upon this charming miniseries. This comment contains spoilers on the dinotopian society and the storyline. The special-effects were great, superb for something that was made for TV. They live in freaking Waterfall City, and they spend all their time looking for sun stones as a source of power.

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Still, I give it a 6 out of This was just silly. The brothers, David and Karl, want to find their missing farther and escape the island. All this series brought was disappointment and made me want to rant about it. He really put the emotion and personality in the character of Zippo.