In Maine, Charlie battles a coyote to protect his new trapping ground. Com Martes 19 Yildizlarla porno izle brazzers. In the Ruby Valley, a bloody encounter with a mountain lion leaves Rich Lewis’s lead hunting dog Brandy in a life or death situation, and could end her career forever. Seks masaj video sonra orgazm. Eustace rushes to raise money to make his loan payment. In a risky bid to get out of the red, Marty fights to reclaim his long-abandoned turf; Morgan races to build a shelter in the snow and ice of subzero Alaska; Eustace gets a boost in horsepower; Jason and Mary brace for a home birth; and Jake’s lion hunt takes a dangerous detour.

A slip of the axe blade slices Morgan too deep; Marty targets a wolf pack on a killing spree; Tom digs out. Tom is able to trap two beavers, providing him with some meat for the winter. These are Mountain Men’s closest calls. Eustace comes down with a cold. Marty begins an epic overland journey into the Alaskan bush; Morgan clashes with a ravenous grizzly bear. Porno izle ve amcamin karisini bedava izle. Preston died from complications due to cancer at age sixty on July 24, And in Idaho, new mountain man George Michaud tries to make a living running his dog sled through the peaks of the mighty Tetons.

And in North Carolina, Eustace Conway puts his ingenuity to the test to build a wood-burning truck from scratch. Morgan stakes tempkrada his next meal to fight off starvation; Marty discovers an unexpected jackpot. Banda de Sonido Jueves 14 In the Revelation Mountains of Alaska, Marty faces off with a vicious wolverine.

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Marty rushes to make the most of an extra pair of hands. Marty gambles on thin ice, a predator awakens in the Yaak and Rich launches a rescue mission.


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In North Carolina, Eustace takes on a grueling job that he needs to complete in order to make his first loan payment. A partir del 24 de febrero. In Alaska, Marty battles weather and wind as he attempts to feed his family and make it back home alive.

A visit from Tom’s son Chad goes terribly wrong and Marty’s flight back from the Revelation Mountains is delayed. Ser positivos es valorar al otro por lo que el otro es y no por lo que hace, tiene o sabe. Morgan walks into a death trap in the Alaska Range when a whiteout strikes in an avalanche zone. Demi moore porno filmleri tarzan.

Tom and Nancy divide and conquer to get ahead; Eustace makes a breakthrough with his lumber business, while Morgan’s luck finally turns around. Morgan climbs into the treacherous Alaska Range; Rich goes to war with the wolves.

Rich hunts a known dog-killer on unfamiliar ground; Morgan goes to great heights to protect his food supply; Tom harnesses the power of a bird of prey. He pursues his passion for tracking mountain lions there with the help of a team of hounds.

Eustace Conway risks it all to chase armed poachers off his land. Porno oral seks ihale kayit olmadan.

Morgan gets a crash dexteg in extreme winter flying; Marty battles a predator invasion; Tom faces a new wolf threat; Jake and his hounds hunt a rogue lion; and Jason steps in to bring a new life into the world. In Alaska, Marty Meierotto flies into the heart of a vicious storm on his annual journey to his remote winter trapline.


Tom scrambles a last minute bear hunt to save his season; Morgan serries for his future with fire; Eustace has an unexpected showdown. Rich tracks a large buck over tough terrain on his mid-winter hunting trip. Marty competes with a wolf pack for food. These are Mountain Men’s closest calls.

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Marty fights back against a wolverine but it takes him on a treacherous journey; Charlie takes a big risk in uncharted wilderness and Tom claims his place on the food chain. Threatened by a lien temporrada his land, Conway fights to maintain ownership. Riley reid porno masaji. In the Revelation Mountains, a voracious wolverine threatens to derail Marty Meierotto’s season for good, and in North Carolina, Eustace Conway puts his wood burning truck to the ultimate test.

Tom and Nancy Temporads are scrambling to get through the last of their winter works when a surprise call comes in from their family that will force them to make a difficult decision. Es ser flexible para entender que no somos perfectos.

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A slip tdmporada the axe blade slices Morgan too deep; Marty targets a wolf pack on a killing spree; Tom digs out. In the Ruby Valley, Rich takes his oldest dog, Brandy and youngest dog, Hatchet, out on a training mission. Consulte nuestro sitio web. Sus y dra On line porno gizli kamera. Erotik asyali hd porno.