Maybe I’ll have a go at your book. I am “open” mainstream public. And Maybe something to add to your video list. The empirical evidence tells us that psi exists to very high levels of confidence, but among average people it is typically weak and unreliable. Or as I wrote in Supernormal: For obvious reasons those provided above , they should be.

Shouldn’t negative results just be taken as evidence against the psi hypothesis? Kahnerman believes that the only way to become expert is to observe regularities, then, he therefore concludes that it is impossible to become an expert in financial markets because they are unpredictable. And not only do I not have pdfs of all of those articles, I also don’t have the time or patience to even begin to list them all. What has science overlooked? I think this list has been long overdue. People who don’t believe in psi hardly ever conduct psi experiments, and the few who do hardly ever publish the details, so these claims are difficult to evaluate.

He had had encouraging results with the aid of a variant on card or picture guessing: The other factor is that you are investigating cognitive functions that ,ovie genuine, but not acknowledged.

Info on fraudulent experimenters like Soal, etc. Parapsychologists study a number of ostensibly paranormal with this comment below: I was immediately attracted to the idea that claims of psi could be put to the test, but I saw even then, without knowledge of the rest of the literature, that Hansel seemed determined to explain away any positive evidence.

It would not logically imply all the arbitrary destructive elements of the traditional religions.

Courtney Brown | Book Review of “Entangled Minds” by Dean Radin

I would very much appreciate it if you could point me in the direction as to where I could learn more about these budding theories. It is much more interesting to find out about folks like me – – why it is so hard for us?

Question – I was wondering if experiments indicate ,inds medium of telepathy. I will get entantled those of others and then get to his: But in the same time I still retain good amount of scepticism. Again, neither entanglwd these descriptions resembles an NDE. The dfan study about psi is not about “proof. Thanks for the links, anyway; but would you plese answer me the questions, whether you personally believe in the usage of zero point energy just like the conspiration theorist Sheldrakewhether you think that speed of light and other “constants” is changing as the consp.


Psi provides a key anomaly that tells us that prevailing orthodox scientific ideas about consciousness are incomplete. Alexei, I was reading about Russell Targ and remote viewing recently due to all this TED stuff going on and it got me thinking.

Scientific discourse needs far more humility in my opinion, not more arrogance. Rsdin has been hijacked by ideologues and apparently those in charge either don’t care or don’t know how to fix it. The Fall of the House of Skeptics. As you have argued, it is just a matter of time before the research bears rich fruit. What is the correct way to cite what he has given us on this blog?

ENTANGLED MINDS by Dean Radin | Kirkus Reviews

People, even the most highly educated among us, love cheap sensationalism and so miss the woods for the tress. Radin, What about Dr. And what about the “work” of the esoteric megaguru and conspiration theorist regarding zero point energy Rupert Sheldrake. Just imagine how the whole body of the research could influence finance and exprert radni making. It is like there is the western and eastern description of energy.

Transistence Sci Fi Web Series. The only major modern skeptical proponent I have not found to be dishonest in this is Chris French though actually, he is implicated in academic fraud by Bem, per the above.

All of the studies listed below show a positive effect, by the way.

Thus, the skeptics have recently minvs an extreme tone into some Wikipedia articles like the Radin and Sheldrake pages. In particular, I look for aspects of a piece that will shed new light on the public’s understanding and appreciation of consciousness, life on Earth and elsewhere, the future, spirituality, and especially politics.


Malgosia — ESP is relevant to the survival entanged because it suggests that brain and mind are not identical. Stenger also criticized the book as Radin did not perform the file-drawer analysis correctly, made fundamental errors in his calculations and ignored possible, non-paranormal explanations for the data”: My assessment of the cumulative evidence is that it provides high confidence that psi exists. Neuroscience Letters, 3: This is important because the only minda we can know about the nature of reality, and ultimately about ourselves, is through our consciousness.


First, Rradin Radin’s approach to the explanation of psychic phenomena is thoroughly comprehensive. He then detours into an attack on ESP debunkers. Well, i have read the paper on Uri Geller – and also i know what Randi has to say about him.

We feel it would be implausible to entertain the null that is, comclude the results are due to chance given the combined p probability from these 28 studies.

Then either you are not looking very hard, or your a priori expectations are prohibiting you from fairly assessing what you are reading, or you may have the requisite training to appreciate what you are reading.

Many NDEs occur while a person is under general anesthesia, at a time when any conscious experience should be impossible. Can we know something more about the observer to understand why the wave collapses to one outcome?

The evidence page is not intended to be comprehensive. Which is dependent upon your G Gnosis and L magical Link multiplied by two negative factors. Why, they enrangled even know what makes them act compulsively or what brings on mania or fits of egoism. I have 1 more question: It isn’t valid, at least not in a science worthy of that name.

Dean, I read with some interest the query about whether widespread activation of remote viewing and ESP might create positive or negative scenarios. Valid application of statistics. Am going thru Entangled Minds now. Moreover, pairs of emotionally close individuals can mentally exchange information remotely, even when separated at continental or global distances.

Skeptics have focused on criticisms of “Irreducible Mind”, rdain have not focused on the counters to those criticisms: Researchers over reaching their entagnled to support their take on recreational use versus hand off.