Of course the press release could simply be sophisticated packaging for the usual serial- killer schlock, but who knows, maybe Those Who Kill will be different. Has it gone down well in the States? The episodes were mainly filmed on location in Budapest and Szentendre , Hungary , which stand in for s Paris. A cheep trick that other series, like Bones, have already overused. Arlette, an exotic dancer at “Picratt” club, comes to the police for help, telling Maigret about a “countess” who is in grave danger, but she then flees, distrustful and afraid. OK, she’s not supposed to be colorful and amazing person albeit also asocial as Saga Noren, I get that, but having a plain, boring and always angry copy of Sarah Lund doesn’t help much either.

Having said that, they seem to have a stock of stereotyped “creepy guy actors” who always play the creepy guy in all the Danish series. If you like mystery, bit of love, bit of human relations, bit of thriller, watch it. In these years that there are coming wonderful series from the north. They all have their share of personal problems to handle. Sarah Lund and Ulrik Strange has anyone told him about Meyer? There are nut cases out there indeed, maybe not as sophisticated as these in the series but it’s filmed in a believable way.

First of all, I just have ittv3 say: Also, I realize the Danes do not have a big film budget but they really need to do better with the action and stunt scenes.

I guess every country that produces series for TV will have its own version of the “B grade film”. But she is a dedicated, dogged idiot. I indeed looked forward to every new dramw. A cheep trick that other series, like Bones, have already overused.

But I was taken by surprise and to be perfectly honest, disturbed mightily by it. The first two episodes are available on BBC iPlayer for a limited time. Lead actors Laura Bach and Jakob Cedergren performed well in the roles of Katrine and Thomas and the rest of the cast seemed to do well too; although I can’t comment on how their accents fitted the roles as I was relying on the subtitles and wouldn’t have spotted if somebody sounded wrong!

There are not even any Masterpiece Mystery series coming up here — that I know of anyway. Light and frothy, with an emphasis on entertainment. Watched the whole series and thought was quite good This is in spite of the fact he leads the team to the killer’s lair in the first episode and he’s in no way to blame for what transpires, thereafter.


A bit predictable but I enjoyed it. The episodes were mainly filmed on location in Budapest and SzentendreHungarywhich stand in for s Paris.

The show has a tendency to tell, not show. Learn how your comment data is processed. It’s well acted and and directed. Moreover, terrible things can happen to major characters.

Those Who Kill —.

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I won’t go into details cime I would find myself screaming at the TV: While the cases are fairly standard for this type of drama they were still enjoyable and while I didn’t really expect the protagonists to come danishh any harm there were plenty of tense moments. The rifts in the net have become so large that bigger fish are slipping through the mesh, and as a result, a new type of crime is starting to burgeon — killings not grounded in traditional motives and patterns of behaviour.

I’ve heard that they are going to cancel the show after the first season because it has got some bad reviews and that’s sad. We’re supposed to empathise with her trauma, even when it is jeopardising her work and the people around her. And surely, this motion picture delivers everything that is expected from a Scandinavian criminal story. And when she isn’t having a mental breakdown, she’s acting horribly towards her friends.

The Danes will broadcast season 3 in early and that will almost definitely be the last episodeso ideally the BBC should broadcast season 2 this autumn and then follow up with season 3 directly after Denmark in the spring.

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It’s not possible to beat someone up and see not damage to their faces during the process and that is only shown in the next scene. Another great Scandinavian series. I do not tend to recommend things but this is actually worth it. The mysteries every episode also tend to go out of the bounds of logic – such as when the lead’s partner uses a child to trap a serial killer or how said partner appears out of nowhere at the house of a murdered victim just for the shock effect of him being there during an opening scene.

The plot is different in each episode but tends to have a psychological thought behind each of the murders. In her personal life, she is selfish displayed in the final episode when a workmate decides to quit for valid, personal reasons.


I’ve the rest of the first series to watch and will do so soon, going by what I saw here.

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I wasn’t expecting it and maybe by now I should know that it is always a possibility. That’s not to say Those Who Kill is not watchable. This draa uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Thanks very much for providing us with this extra, very illuminating information, Thomas. It has been revealed that this show will be renewed with a whole new cast and story. By the end of the first two episodes I was fully gripped, as cdime investigative narrative unfolded and two intriguing sub-plots took shape: So far pretty good Firstladysmistress 17 November By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use srama Privacy Policy. The visual style is hardly different from its predecessors either with grisly crime scenes and the pitting of wits between good and evil filmed in a grey, grimy backdrop.

Maigret must discover the link between the two women as he and his men hunt for the killer in Montmartre’s streets. It’s a very good series, believable in many ways.

Was this review helpful? I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the episodes because daniish one of the better shows right now.

Has Denmark run out of TV actors?

The full press release from ITV3 can be accessed here. Until recently we never saw television programmes that weren’t in English; then BBC4 started airing the Swedish police show ‘Wallander’ after its success is wasn’t long before they followed it up with programmes from France, Denmark and Italy; all in the native language and English subtitles.

What could have provided more value to this movie is if the actors would have given more character to their roles. Soon afterwards, she is found murdered; then, the countess’ body is discovered.

Ealing Studios Maigret Productions. Perhaps the biggest is how easily the criminologist who supports the key female lead in the first episode is “blamed and written off”, by her boss when things turn pear shaped.