You are so trusting. Use the HTML below. I am calling the police! Maybe it is, and maybe it isn’t — not even his laid-back friend Chris is totally sure. Surely they’ll side with me. We got to go. An armadillo tripping him on his way out of his apartment. Dan serves on jury duty and empathizes with the defendant in a trial, so he plots to get a non-guilty verdict.

My perfect record is all I have! Did you know the chicken here is made entirely out of the cutest otters they can find? Audible Download Audio Books. The 91st Academy Awards isn’t the first year the show won’t have a host, but it will be the first time since the Snow White and Rob Lowe incident. My feet get hot. Listen, why don’t you just let me buy you a burger? Believing that everyone around him is becoming dumber, Dan blames the state education system and swears revenge on the Governor. But upon his return to the Barbershop, Dan finds that his nemesis has left town on a family vacation, forcing Dan to call upon Chris and Elise for help with his revenge.

What is it, Hortense?

Dan Vs. Burgerphile

Oh, I’m sorry, Officer Dictionary. Dan seeks revenge on baseball when the World Series preempts his favorite TV program. When a fast food restaurant gets Dan’s order wrong and the megalomaniac manager, Jeff, refuses to correct his mistake, Dan chains himself to the restaurant counter as a protest, inadvertedly attracting the attention of the cashier, Hortence, who is attracted to “determined men”.


Though at first the real Dan finds it hard to convince Chris and Elise that his very identity has been usurped, they soon see the truth for themselves and set out to help Dan regain his life by any means necessary. This is so great for you!

Say no to pickle murders! Do you know how long it takes to starve to death?

Dan Vs. (2010) s01e20 Episode Script

Yes, Hortense, do call the police. I’ll have to move. So, don’t serve him. Sadly, Los Angeles gridlock proves to be the last straw in an already-bad situation, and Dan soon finds himself bent on revenge against traffic itself. You’ll give up before you die.

episod You should really listen to the lady. But things go out of hand when barbers begin attacking Dan and the only way out is a duel with his barber who happens to be Becky’s father!

Don’t fret, this isn’t on you. How have you been?

You two aren’t burgerphioe very different after all. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Call whomever you like. Upset that his old flame Hortence is getting married to her boss, Jeremiah Burger, Dan cons his way into the wedding party and attempts to ruin the wedding from within.

No shoes, no service!

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Jeff voice Paget Brewster I’ll have a plain hamburger, no cheese. To our regional headquarters in Santa Monica. Want to Make a Cult Classic?


Elise then exiles him to a ghost town populated by feral dancers, where he must learn the ancient art of ” fight-dancing ” to survive. Meanwhile, Elise is assigned by the secret agency to take down the assassin under the codename of “The Snowman”. Even if I want to. Sadly, Dan is not very good at reasoning and communication, and he walks away car-less, bent on revenge.

This is the Executive. No one is to feed this man. Elise voice John DiMaggio He’s trespassing, he’s loitering, disturbing the customers. Well, you don’t want to destroy the restaurant, do you? What do you have to say for yourself, Jeff? I would never forget to ask that!

Well, there you have it folks. Thank you for choosing Burgerphile. I’ll get you for this! It’s just a straight shot down the highway. Season 1 Episode Revenge against the SAF is going to take military might and Dan just may have episoee start a full-scale war. So, get mad already. You’re bad for business. How do I look?

Get in my chains! Viewers Also Bought See All. Heck, I’ll buy you a burger. There’s no table– Checkmate.