Oh well I loved it. The correct way to describe this anime is “It amuses me”. Cinderella Girls Gekijou 3rd Season Free!: Sure, episode 3 was pretty much following the same scenario as episode 2, but thanks to that we are done with introducing main characters in just 3 episodes. Episode 1 English Subbed Cue lisara being embarassed – The story behind ryousuke’s mom and dad meeting.

IS couldnt even be called a harem until after he revealed charlotte as a girl. Oh well I loved it. I meant you can see a nipple on the right of the third pic-v-;;. Which means Ryo has a big sword. As it is, the closing scene of this episode lost most of it’s impact due to the sheer gratuitous spam of Fan-service earlier on in this series. I mean both of them have the “wouldn’t hurt a fly” shtick down, but this guy I keep forgetting his name is much more shameless. This guy really is the master of the “Forbidden Grabbing Technique”!!!! I like this show.

Apparently, Ryousuke is Wrong Genre Savvy. The compilation, repackaging, dissemination or other use of this Data is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of VeriSign. I think that maybe Lisara’s mom?

Now now I also think that bleach is totally stupid past SS arc. Although, I kind of dakkara getting power from ero Dx i like the way u think with the upskirt concept and is anybody amused that cule chose the sexy lingerie for ryousuke u’d think Lisara would play this role EDIT: This video may partially contain nudity and is only intended for mature audiences.


Yes i guess that would give him ultimate power. He in the later on of Vol’s broke down and cried and confessed all of this to the other girls but not Rias.

And Issei use his dragon powers. EPIC WIN – Iria coming to make the girls jealous also extremely funny – the girls first rushing to introduce themselves to dakarra mom funny – the girls trying to tell who she likes best. The Erocharger that was funny as hell.

Contracts do appear to work regardless of the gender involved, which makes me wonder who Iriya is going to contract with herself.

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Lisara’s mom should be the one to comfort the mc at the end of the episode wearing the clothes that cule is using: Lisara goes dere this episode. Didn’t know dekunai it wanted to do with its time.

More like a fight between rivals, fighting over the last cookie in the cookie jar: He more in denial of the fact the girls love him. Short version she likes Ryousuke iria cant believe it.

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It’s funny because this all started just because you insulted a character you don’t like but other people may and I called you on it. Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. Don’t forget what our hero stands for.


I don’t see how bringing up other main characters with commonalities refutes someone’s personal impression that one character reminds them of another? Alas, eposode is still only episode 3.

His idea of image training was just ridiculous enough to work, though funnier still was the way Mine and Quele imagined him. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Plot is stupid and full of holes, characters behave unatural and inanity and only what thing is important are girls boobs His first love and GF Yuma made him like this because she like blku was a beautiful girl. Is it even possible for Ryousuke to have two contracts?

Wowsers, I wonder what happened there. Havoc10K on August 12, Guess I’m the kind of guy that isn’t satisfied with ecchi if it comes from a character with a personality that annoys me.

One more step

I do have an idea from the LN pictures I’ve seen. Asobi Asobase Back Street Girls: I honestly like the idea of introducing girls early, so we can enjoy their screen time as early as possible.

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