Hydromax fuel cell , 12V, boat, caravan, commercial, Expedition, etc. Bentwood , Nov 24, , in forum: We replaced the bad section. I intend to secure the flooring to the fiberglass I beam with 3m I am getting older and this work is more and more taxing to me. The panels are fiberglass. Selva Propeller Antibes 30

Webasto sliding roof 40S incl. Engbo Maxi 31, Winsch, 12V, W 1, It adds no strength , Only weight. Lighting, 20m cable ProFurl, Alu profile, 2m, Part Arima-bob , Sep 23, Once there’s moisture intrusion with occoume Antifouling Antifouling Grey Speedy carbonium 2,5l

Paint Color ml black rubber dinghy Was it poor detailing around the edges?

Coosa Bluewater – ATL Composites

In another case, a damp tarp was left for months on the seat inside–rotted that out. We replaced the bad section.

Seriee Adherpox, Two-pack epoxy primer, 2,5L Just very interestedmaybe others here too. Johnson, F4B,Volvo, Lombardini Katadyn PowerSurvivor preservatives, g, This was the last straw Impeller for generators Paguro Shakespeare Marine Antenneeplacement and emergency antenna The typical core transition is a 45 degree bevel.

What has caused my decks to rot? Suppliers, vendors will tell you almost anything to make a sale, be careful! If I could figure out how to do it I would post a picture for you.

Coosa Bluewater 26

The downside is the specialty nature of the engineering. I am an amateur so don’t intend to know what a professional knows.


Liferaft 2 person – Admission French merchant marine Your circumstances or experience may be different. The integrity of the two, Noard and Deck are vital. Exactly–fastener holes, joints, seams, that were not addressed and that allowed freshwater access. Gasket for Vetus 2. JETfloat Badeinsel 4×4 complete with swim ladder, jump element and anchoring 14, I have passed the point of no return since the composite panels cost thousands and were a special order item.

Paint it a light color. You stated that you are an amatuer, thats what concerns those of us who do this for a living.

Selva Propeller Antibes 30 Your boat at 8 knots, less stressed? A typical ply deck job would be ply short edge scarfed end to end for the length of the deckwith the long edge butt blocked fore and aft. SeaJay Jul 23, How strong is this stuff?

Schenker SC1 Cleaning Arima-bobSep 22, Mobile camp, dog house XXL, animal shelter, playhouse, bicycle shelter, hiking lodge, etc. I am planning on replacing the plywood floor joist with fiberglass I beams on 24″ centers. Bow- or stern thruster, Water jet thruster JT, Alu-boat 5, Attempting to adapt a new material without a documented track record in the application that you propose sounds toe nothing but risky. Only tip i can think of Wasn’t planning on glassing – is that required.


Opacmare cassette gangway opacmare box gangway, little door kit Once the plywood is wet the changes in temperature will create problems. You can not post a picture larger than a thumbnail directly on the forum. Send a copy to my email. Flexiteek – Deck covering – Prefabricated drive – with soffit – the original!

Coosa Composites 1/4″ 4X8′ Bluewater 26 Coosa Board

BPM V-drive model V. If the coosa was going to be visible from underneath, I would dry fit it, mark where the deck beams were and then pre-finish the coosa between the beams.

Arima-bobSep 23, Ladder made of wood, four rungs Locate scarfs, identify areas for reinforcementidentify construction complexities, and rough cut to shape. Remember this stuff is a core panel, not a finished panel. Once the board is in place, epoxy an 8″ wide strip of across the joint. Replacement for steering head Hynautic H50, inclusive adapter SeaStar DC steering system incl.

FishStretcher May 6, I have no idea what that is?