Clive Revill, the actor portraying the villain of this piece, was described by Steven Berkoff as one of the great under-praised actors of the UK. Good script, good direction, good score, good acting. Yes No Report this. Was this review helpful to you? He plays a fine role and definitely shows some acting skills. Columbo eventually solves the case by piecing together clues left by Galvin as he suffocated in the safe.

After the dogs react to the word “Rosebud”, Columbo reverses the effect of the word through training. Could this be the single best TV moment of all time? The outstanding feature of this case is the wonderful interplay between Columbo and the murderer, Joe Devlin. With its risky inverted mystery format knowing “whodunit” as the curtain rises, wondering what clues the police will find to nab the killer , Columbo’s Peter Falk needs a good actor to play opposite or the episode falls flat. It was a tough decision, believe me…. Why doesn’t columbo ask what what he is doing there and why is he there and how did he know this is the murder scene.

Don’t tell me – we’re going to be getting some hunky well known actor playing a feisty freedom fighter in the Provisional IRA taking on these nasty goose stepping Brits where he’ll be outnumberedout gunned but never out-fought. He then has the gun smuggled out by an unwitting accomplice and merrily trots off to vote with Mrs Hayward. Not too sure if the other reply saying his name is Frank is correct.

Columbo must find a way to prove it and stop him from sending guns to his native country of Ireland. Full Cast and Crew. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. It was actually the last time he would play the role, till again. Star Wars fans will also know him as the guy who did the voice of the Emperor columbp “Star Wars: The Welsh Raging Bull 4 September You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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However, little do his audiences know that every penny is going to buy guns for the IRA to help produce more of those orphans and widows. From his entry in this film he plays the game really well and has excellent presence, mixing downplaying his intelligence while also firing warning shots.

This, the last of the forty-five original Columbo TV-movies, is very enjoyable, thanks to conpsirators combined talents of Falk and Revill as rival Italian copper and Irish gangster a neat reversal of the more familiar archetypes.

Clive Revill, a New Zealander and otherwise respected Shakespearean actor, hams it up and falls somewhere in between an English, Scottish and what can only be described as a faux Southern Ireland accent. This one follows the formula of IRA veteran and minor celebrity poet Joe Devlin bumping off an arms columb and transporting firearms to Ireland. Another small gripe is that once again, like many of the late 70s episodes, the murderer never really gets annoyed by Columbo, well not to his face anyway.


The series colubmo sometimes criticised on the basis that Columbo does very little actual detective work, but simply approaches the most famous guest actor he can find and annoys them until they confess. Not a bad one, the last entry in the early series. After he places the drawer back into the suitcase his cigar magically reappears in his left hand.

Theo Robertson 12 May If you know when in the episode this happened, I can check my copy if you like. Wit for wit, move for move, this classic Columbo chess-match entertains and delights with a minimum of gun-play and a maximum of intelligence for TV anyway – and what contemporary cop-show can boast that? I didnt think about talking in Italian.

It packs an emotional punch few other episodes get close to.

I was even more surprised by how well it managed to do it and how brave it was in its approach. His gestures are more expansive. Audible Download Audio Books.

Although NBC had brought an end to the Mystery Movie series that Columbo had been a part of sincethe network decided to keep the series in production and ordered five new telefilms.

The writing is clever and witty, the scenes between Columbo and Devlin are plentiful and are among my favourites of the entire series which includes the likes of the scene in Identity Crisis with Columbo and Patrick McGoohan’s Nelson Brenner in Brenner’s house with Madama Butterfly playing in the backgroundand the story is tightly plotted and completely diverting.

Prior to the ’80’s he had also already starred in a lot of movies and had done some work for television as an actor as well. Although Revill was only in this episode, his performance rivals Jack Cassidy, William Shatner, and Robert Culp, in terms of great guest stars who have memorable scenes with Columbo.

The first is the crime. A hit-and-miss episode in some ways, yet when it most matters Deadly State of Mind delivers a magnificent parting shot that lives long in the memory. Columbo’s last line is “This far, and no farther”, words spoken by Devlin as he marked a whiskey bottle to determine how much he would drink in a session. Columbo chewing at Devlin’s heels throughout the entire movie.

The Conspirators

Basically another fine watchable Columbo movie. If he is dealing with ruthless IRA operatives, they could have easily disposed of the usually-unarmed Columbo if he proved to be too much of a nuisance. Revill’s role might have been meant for Peter Falk’s good friend Patrick McGoohan, but Revill certainly steps nicely into the part.


In conclusion, a great episode that is a must watch for Falk and Revill. ShootingShark 19 March Burke around to be a witness of how Brandt gave himself away.

Even if those records weren’t available for some reason, Columbo is plenty wily enough to get Devlin’s prints on some pretext or another.

At the end of an episode, the ultra-smug Doc is confronted by a magnificent set-piece, arranged by Columbo, whereby an identikit man claims to be an eye witness who saw Collier making his getaway. Clive Revill Devlin is very entertaining colimbo a likeable killer – I really didn’t want him to get caught!!!

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Somethings don’t work entirely successfully and Clive Revill’s Irish accent seems off but I suppose that’s down to his character being based in America for many years. When Columbo assumes that the dogs were trained to react violently when a certain word is said, he has a long conversation with Mason, hoping that he will use the word during the conversation secretly recorded by Columbo. A neighbor calls the conspiratkrs at 8: Keen to see his crazy Aunt Edna take the rap for the murder of his uncle Rudy, Kingston has cconspirators some stolen Degas pastels in her linen closet, which the police duly coluumbo.

Revill’s facial expressions are excellent – the only problem is when he opens his mouth you cringe and literally wonder where in-between London and Dublin his accent will happen to be. At the same time there’s the bulldog-like Let.

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Mystery author Abigail Mitchell Ruth Gordon is convinced that her nephew-in-law, Edmund Galvin Charles Frankmurdered his wife Mitchell’s niece in a boating “accident” and got away with it.

How many members are on this site, and is it for the whole world to use or just the UK. He’s trying to be charming and avuncular, whereas the earlier Columbo was gruff, gauche, and seemed genuinely puzzled when a discrepancy or “loose end” turned up. To everyone who has always wanted to find out leutenant columbo first name.