Casting for The Hobbit was announced on 22 October , with the news that Martin Freeman will play Bilbo Baggins, the eponymous hero and Richard Armitage will play Thorin Oakenshield , leader of the Company of Dwarves who set off to reclaim the Lonely Mountain from the thieving dragon Smaug. TimeWarner press release announcing that filming is due to start in February although filming locations are still not confirmed, and both movies will be filmed in digital 3D. No word yet on which actors will aattend the London event, though Sir Ian McKellen has suggested he probably will. They discussed the casting Richard Armitage as Thorin and you can listen to the extract here: Due to copyright, you cannot skip to individual tracks but the soundtrack is there in its entirety. For details, see the Rise Up Christchurch site. On the left hand side of the main article they list the ‘Three new actors arriving in Middle-earth’ Martin Freeman the British actor, who will have the main role of Bilbo.

This has not been officially announced yet. Wood and director Sir Peter Jackson, surprised guests at last night’s pre-premiere party organised by fansite TheOneRing. Report in The Guardian ‘The Hobbit: The new image is below click to enlarge from the Hobbit Stills gallery. Hopefully we’ll have an answer to this “Christmas treat” soon. Empire magazine is released next week and the image appears in their ‘ For clips, interviews and articles covering the Hobbit Promotion and Premieres, click here.

Peter Jackson’s Facebook page. Here is a list of yesterday’s articles that include quotes from, or comments about, Richard:. I’ll combine shipping with multiple items make offers and wait for the combined invoice.

Richard Armitage in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

There is a brief chat with some cast members, including Richard, about what they will be doing on their break and then an insight into what is involved when location scouting around New Zealand. As reported by TheOneRing. This picture is available as a poster from Amazon UK. Prior to the start of filming The Hobbit, we learnt from Robert Kazinsky’s twitter feed and the King under the Mountain site that the cast attended a Powhiri, a traditional Maori welcoming ceremony.


Click each picture to enlarge you do not have to be a member of Facebook to see them. Sir Ian McKellen has blogged from New Zealand after arriving there recently and meeting with all 13 dwarves. Popcorn tub holds oz. Warner Bros are planning to release a video game of The Hobbit next year before the film is released.

More details on Filmomic. Refresh your screen press F5 if you cannot see the latest version of the gallery. Hugo was especially interested in our conservation work as he is involved with similar projects himself.

Hugo Weaving in New Zealand for Hobbit Premiere; Live-Stream Info; Hobbit & Cloud Atlas Articles

Thanks to Ana Cris on the C19 forum. Postage to the UK is 1. A Hobbit trailer incorporating all clips released from the film so far has been created preemiere a fan and posted on youtube via TheOneRing. No Elrond sightings, but very entertaining and insightful without a lot of spoilers.

You need JavaScript enabled to view itthanks! Thanks to Jen for the scan. Dim lights Embed Embed this video on your site Screencaps from this trailer and other short trailers shown in the last two months are in the Hobbit Short Trailers gallery.

Entertainment Weekly have a stunning piece of artwork on their site showing ten scenes from The Hobbit. Thanks to Em for the link. An Unexpected Journey soundtrack can now be heard on Empire magazine’s website.

I should note that many identical articles seem to be cross-posted across several affiliated websites, and I’ve tried to avoid duplication.

The full cast and crew for the Alice in Wonderland: If you click to reveal the description there is a free download link, and here it is again in mp3 format right-click the link to download. Apologies that this is the best google can do.

Scroll down his twitter feed for more responses. The cast “have been here for four weeks, going to gym, horse back riding, fight training and doing dialect work.


Updated link to video 12 Feb Why he thinks he is suited to the role: Episode 3 — Imprisonment 3rd December, 10am 3rd December, 3pm 4th December 3am. If you would like to pre-order the soundtrack, here are some Amazon links with the RAnet tags attached so that referral fees are paid to charity:. He also says they will be filming until the middle of next year.

Click each picture to enlarge. Wallpapers of Thorin on his own premierd Thorin and the dwarves are available on Theonering. The proud leader played by Richard Armitage. Click the picture to enlarge. The full XL scroll is in the Hobbit Stills gallery. But, man does Richard Armitage own that role!

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All pictures of Thorin have been added to the Hobbit Stills gallery. There are links to multiple cinemaxd just above the first picture of the rest of the dwarves. One or two of those pictures may actually be Richard’s double but it’s too difficult to tell!

Billy Connolly stated previously that the wrap party would take place on 7th July. Peter Jackson has revealed the poster premuere The Hobbit which will be on display at Comic-Con next week. Lots of prrmiere have been posted by audience members in the last few hours, several of which include Richard. The full titles of the two Hobbit films and the official release dates have been announced. There are quotes from Richard in this article, although they may have been taken from The Scotsman interview and the Project magazine interview as they are similar quotes.

Peter Jackson says they are on day 94 or 95 of a day shoot, filming with about 30 goblins, dwarves and the hobbit today. The complete The Hobbit: