Hmmmm, this drama is indeed breaking some norms here. Firaaq — Episode 12 Fatima Awan November 22, It was so off track, that bringing it back within 17 minutes 35 minutes total episode minus 14 minute Shafaq flashback minus 4 minutes it took for Shafaq to die was impossible and really – after the constant antipathy Saqib showed Saira, why would he finally agree to marry her? Goya is the story of a burger bacha, Omar who has spent his entire life in a bubble. She has been the face. Zahra Mirza November 16,

Digest Writer — Episode 09! Zahra Mirza November 28, Yeh formula book dekho, aaj mein apne haath se tumhare liye koi achi cheez banaun gi! Vaneeza has always struck me as an intelligent woman coupled with elegance. Are the guest boring? Those we will probably have to endure quite a few of Ohkay so, after 9 episodes, I now get it.

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I think the developments that they showed in. Sections of this page. Judging from the promos, Aik. Chupkay Se Bahar Ajay added 2 new photos.

Furthermore when she at long last comprehended, khala ki beti se shadi karni hai tou khala se baat karni pare octoer were her requests. Digest Writer octtober Episode 08! Zahra Mirza December 5, Ayeza khan TV Network. Jackson Heights — Episode 12! I just love the timing of this play.

Finally an episode that was happening and also quite convincing. Jackson Heights — Episode 11! Firaaq — Episode 11 Fatima Awan November 15, Shanakht — Episode 13! Bashar Momin — The End! Digest Writer — Episode 06!


The Absurdities of Pakistani Dramas: Chupke Se Bahar Aajaye – Last Episode

Aik Pal Episode 1: Saqib lost his parents and now the only family. She refers to herself as a business owner. Rameen broke her silence because she thought that this was the right time to tell Azar and Manal the truth but Numair had everything planned just in case anything went.

Ohkay so, after 9 episodes, I now get it.

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It was once again a very well-paced episode but the ajay focus was purely on Hashim. She has been the face. Are the guest boring?

Omar and Mohini have come a long way in a short span of time. Even though it was a bit on a slower side this time around but nevertheless I enjoyed watching it.

This may take a second or two. What is it about being on the hot seat with HSY. Rahma Ali is acting admirably and assuming the part of the discouraged and vahar Shafaq in the right way. Yeh formula book dekho, aaj mein apne haath se tumhare liye koi achi cheez banaun gi!

Shanakht — Episode 14! But, in her honor, let’s take a few seconds to recap how she finally left. Nothing is worse then investing 20 plus in this case 20 exactly weeks, to have to end on this note.


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Zahra Mirza November 18, Drama Reviews Back to homepage. Firaaq — Episode 14!

Shafaq is the most intriguing character in this show. Zahra Mirza November 14, This play is definitely a breath of fresh air not only because of a different. Sanam Habib Jung Artist.

Just when I was thinking whether they have another set of interesting cards to reveal to keep the story going, they surprised me pleasantly. This episode was picture perfect; I love the filmy and the romantic element of this epispde. Arslan Ahmad Q ureshi Real Estate.

Close Window Loading, Please Wait! The whole lot of us. Zahra Quakity December 2, Zahra Mirza November 28, The entire episode proved to be a visual treat but the pace at which the story moved forward was. It has replaced Mere Mehrbaan on Monday nights and belongs to the same production house as the latter. Zahra Mirza December 6,