But if they release the game, the possibility of them being sued exists or goes up. They need to keep revenue flowing, and if they released everything big at once, business would boom briefly, and then fail. Anyways despite the whole point of us doing what we do is to spread the word about the game, thats still not as nearly enough to get people to know more about it as much as a remake or vitual console title would attract, but what are you going to do? They also made Air and Clannad. Wicks said on Jan. They should do a Mother Trilogy on DS. Anyone know more about this?

Its sort of a habit I need to work on. I can understand why Mother 3 was 8th. Final Fantasy X is absolutely deserving of that 1 spot. They also made Air and Clannad. Catching Tropius at nearly full health with a Great Ball on the first try. This is stupid with all this music and copyrighted stuff in EarthBound Nintendo can not re-release EarthBound one of the best clasic RPGs of all time Their was so many games that took copyrighted songs and remixed them and didnt get any legal Issues at all and just to say no one owns rights to the batman song plus if Reggie wants us EarthBound Fans to stop buging him about releseing EarthBound just put Mother 3 on the DSi Shop and they can hopefully fix all problems with EarthBound wile we all have Mother 3 for the time being. On that take, Ivysaur almost took down Gary’s entire team by himself.

Chuggaaconroy / Awesome – TV Tropes

Took a Level in Badassanyone? I think this thing is overblown. And they didn’t need Haywire to paralyze him! Also, his planning of chuggaaclnroy everything down to the last detail. God, people on this site over exagerate a ton.


I know this is a long post but here are some other games that have music in them chyggaaconroy sound a hell of a lot like real songs yet have had no problems what so ever. Von Krieger said on Jan. Bobby prince even knew he was ripping off the songs when he composed the soundtracks.

HAK2 said on Feb. Lol ffx being firsthow such a bad game story could end up first? Its supposedly a mistake, chuggaaconrooy sounds reasonable considering that the rating has been up since Aw man this sucks, a lot of the songs that need to be changed are my favorites.

Jimi said on Feb. That game is almost universally beloved over there. I cannot unhear the monty python theme from the naming screen song now.

Mother 3 Chapter 1 Episode 13 Mp3 Video Mp4 3gp | Mp3

The glorious moment is shown here. We run into copyright bullshit, run-around excuses of what falls under fair use, and plain old hard-headed indignation and ignorance. Eric said on Jan. FuzzyPicklez said on Mar. RedSonicX said on Mar. All they have to do on the EarthBound Zero game is take out the hippie song and that game can be released.

When dealing with WhitneyPhanpy later, Darmani manages to lower Miltank’s accuracy well enough so that a direct hit ends up becoming a rarity. To clarify how profound this moment is, Lenora is pretty much the Whitney of Black and Whiteand Chugga was suitably concerned, to the point that he spent most of the preceding episode catching a Throh to defeat her, which he didn’t even need.

S t e v e makes one more appearance after the final battle, carrying Louie back to the ship. Now that was times sadder Than MSG 3! Chugga is left speechless. Before that, she took on Hiker Andy’s Boldore and fared quite well against it.


Mother 3 – End of Chapter 1

FlyingManCourage said on Jan. I say the design of those analog sticks were based off the N64 stick: Mario said on Mar.

Bagelthooven said on Apr. Goode and it still sounds much more like Johnny B.

In the end, Nintendo is most likely sitting on Earthbound, waiting to release it at the right time fingers crossed for Christmas. Kirby Phelps PK said on Feb.

I did the side by side comparisons and found some interesting things. Look at Page 55 if you have it. Thats a bunch of bull crap right there. Lets be episore, they are a business. So there you have it.

I declare shenanigans on this list! On chapfer meta note, Meowth defeating Pikachu. People could have sued nintendo when this came out!

Mime quickly gains levels and manages to land a critical hit on a Pikachu.

Download Mother 3 Chapter 1 Episode 13 Mp3 & Video

Emile had been having issues with his capture card, so he wasn’t able to record episodes as soon as he wanted to.

A lot of changes had to be made before the legal squad then gave its approval: Sure, there are sounds that SOUND similar, but not similar enough to warrant some more investigation. None of these games made me cry. The Japanese have a tendency to ignore direct references given their somewhat relaxed atittude towards homages and such. Everyone grab a broom! Motheer, at least, has SOME principle to it. He follows that up the next episode by catching Virizion with Necessity, a Tranquillout on the field.