Hold your line off to the side of the reel for a brief moment and let your rig accelerate to the speed of the spool. The rod hand should have the reel braked with your thumb. Here’s a look at this “It’s harder than it looks” cast as demonstrated by Randy Gerrick. Blogs Home Page All Blogs. When first learning the Wallis Cast, or any others for that matter, use junk line. Hope that makes sense to ya. You know the deepest part of the river you will be fishing, so just tie in the swivel a couple of feet deeper than that. Easy way to get some extra distance.

I’d say about 1 out of every 10 cast. Mar 29, 7. FishKilla , Mar 29, It took quite a while before I figured it out. Log in or Sign up. Jfish , Mar 31,

I’m gaining on it every outing though. Using the same hand right in this case use your thumb or index finger to cenerpin off about an arms length of line to your line side again, right on this case. Can you explain why it’s not good for Raven rod to do the BC swing? Don’t get comfortable with just getting it out there. The only thing I can help you with is check out utube.

Mainline with float, below float is a swivel, shotline, swivel, leader, hook. If you find yourself constantly getting bird-nests, slow down the line pull at the end of the cast. My casting arm was a little sore this morning but nothing a handful of IBUProfen couldn’t take care of. cenetrpin

Mar 30, Watching vid’s has helped a little, but not much, in my case. I just cant get the swing down.

I get really good distance with the swing cast and zero line twist. JfishMar 31, Pull the spool like a Wallis, then guide the line off the side like a side cast.


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Practiced the night before I headed to the river on the ice on the lake. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Like the Fishing Experience on Facebook. Step 1 Swing your body and rod back to the forward position, dropping the split shot that’s in your fingers. Never tried the 2 swivel setup, doesnt it require the swivel going wa,lis the guides?

That’s away from the side that’s holding the rod right pictured. Make centerpinn to stop the reel as soon as your gear hits the water.

Here’s a look at this “It’s harder than it looks” cast as demonstrated by Randy Gerrick. Once your rig hits it’s apex let go and let it just fly off the spool.

Need tips on casting

To the original poster. I use the 2 swivel method as well and it works wonders for me. As the cast is about to hit the water, use your thumb to gently stop the spool to prevent over-run. There is a little more effort in this cast than the short cast, but a lot easier on your body than the common cast. Need some tutoring I’m in Mi.

I call it a spinning side cast. I fish the Big Manistee and sometimes you need to cast 30 to 50 yards. Thought up for use in distance casting competitions by British angler William Bailey, it wasn’t untill the ‘s that this cast would become better known and receive it’s name.

My little brother on the other hand was an uncoordinated boob when it came to teaching him how to Walis. I fish only one swivel, and tie it in above the float. I was born and raised on the flatlands of Manitoba where I grew up fishing walleye and pike for the sheer joy of it.


When you are ready to cast, bring the swivel up to the tip of the rod and let ‘er fly. Release the lead and gently swing the rod to point towards your objective. For example if the deepest pool you will be fishing is 6’,then tie in the swivel at around eight feet.

When first learning the Casst Cast, or any others for that matter, use junk line. SwampbucksterMar 29, Weight helps with distance. It was driving me crazy yesterday that Centerppin couldn’t hit this run across a smaller river that I can usually hit no problem with my spinning setup. Discussion in ‘ Center Pin Fishing ‘ started by ericzerka24Mar 29, I’d say about 1 out of every 10 cast.

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Do you already have an account? Timing is everything with the wallis cast.

Mar 29, 1. Got the basics down, although I couldn’t cast accurately or far. All I can say is good luck. Place the lowest shot in your free hand and hold it in the fold of your fingers.

Mar 29, 5.