Use that to help eliminate any holes, too. Just what I was looking for. If I use size 6 needles for this projects, how much do you think that will affect the gauge? And you have it. I hope I have helped somehow with this long-winded reply and that your treads will pop up soon. As long as you cast on an even number, it should work out. I never realized how many different needles I would need to try all the projects I am interested in.

On the next round I transferred the gusset stitches to a double strand of worsted-weight yarn, threading it though a yarn needle and slipping the stitches purl wise onto the yarn. This is my favorite item right now. Gloves are like socks — some people like a little room, others like them to fit tightly. I hope this will not discourage you in your knitting. But I like to make things difficult for myself. How much difference is there between your knuckle measurement and your gusset circumference measurement? I slipped this picked up stitch on to the rh needle to work in tandem with the first stitch that I had already slipped there. Thanks again for pointing this out.

Restart and stop Knitting In Flashes.

FiberLife: Method for a Basic Man’s Glove, size extra-large, with notes for other sizes

Good luck, please let me know how it goes. So I pulled out my old fojrchette and found the glove issue Winter of Knitters from Interweave Press. Happy Holidays to you! Well, time went on. Then, its knit 1 row I modified this to purl 1 row after that to get the lateral braid on a RS row and then the lateral braid.

Backwards Loop Cast On

Thanks again for pointing this out. Thanks for sharing this pattern! Your thread will already be at the midpoint if you divided your stitches as I suggested above. Now do a backward-e cast-on of three more fourchette stitches to take care of the space between the middle and ring fingers.


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If your number is an even number, then that is good, and we can move on. I love your pattern! I thought of just using a larger set of needles starting with a size 6 thinking that might work without changing the pattern since they would produce larger sts.

It can be confusing. I understand what you are saying, and it looks like I have explained it wrong to Gyllenhaal. Maybe you can help me. I found some lovely KnitPicks Andean Silk in chocolate brown worsted weight 96 yards per 50 grams and fell in love with the look of the yarn. What a blessing this is to me. First of all, I understand what fourcuette are saying perfectly, so that is not a barrier.

But back to the beginning of this project! I immediately wanted to try it out. So really fourchettes are just simple loops, so be sure to knit them tightly on the sfitches round.

I will have to add it to my pattern. If necessary, pick up an extra stitch at each corner and decrease it away by knitting two together on the next round — that will help eliminate any holes.

Lovely looking pattern and ideas, thank you! I suggest you knit a small swatch and make sure you like the feel of the fabric it sstitches first. You are not the first to have trouble with the Linen Ridge Stitch. Thanks for the reply, I started a new glove and figured out the problems. I always work on 5 double-point needles. Gloves are like socks — some people like a little room, others like them to fit tightly.

Thank you so very much. The stitches are really elongated, which is an interesting look, but I have not figured out how to tighten those stitches up so they are normal size knit stitches. Slip both these first and second sts off the lh needle Someone who was having the same problem as you, but figured it out suggested I reword this so that it will read: How can I share a photo with you? If not, I always find pictures or videos are the most useful way to learn new techniques.


I saw somewhere that you would like to see this pattern done with a variegated yarn. Ccast the line of yarn will wrap at the back around that stitch you just slipped as you bring it around to the front to purl the next stitch. But after finishing the full amount of rows 11 rows in totalthe pattern came alive.

Hi Victoria, Thanks so much for sharing this pattern. On the next round, knit even. Good luck, I look forward to seeing your gloves on Ravelry! So you have to swatch in order to find a fabric that will keep the cold out, but still move easily with the myriad hand movements we make, even outdoors in winter cold. Let me know how it goes.

Thank you Victoria, I will surely keep it all in mind as I work on the gloves. And you have it.

Fourchette stitches

Thank you so much for your effort and kindness. Or even eliminating ribbing entirely and doing color work rounds in place of the ribbing? Thanks to Fran fkurchette this editorial note.

I have completed all 11 rows of the linen ridge pattern and it just looks like purl.