Are they any good? Great post Roff and some excellent information here. Otherwise really nice guide Prof! The watch winder thread Posted: Watch winders are designed to prevent an automatic watch from winding down when not being worn. The watch winder thread. Whats the optimum rotation setting for watch winders?

Find More Posts by Crazy December 20th, , Thu Apr 12, 4: You should use the most turns as you can, but if your watch needs tpd and the winder can only provide tpd then the watch will still run for almost 10 days. Now to decide on which one and how many motors. If you wear your watch every day then leave it on the night stand at night and it will be fine the next day.

Thanks for taking the time and effort to put this together. Very expensive and hard to calibrate, especially in the northern hemisphere. Since doing this I’ve found my watches seem to run more accurately over all, purely coincidental I think as I can’t see what bearing reducing the ‘over winding’ would have.

Mark Twain “The problem with quotes found on the Internet is that it’s hard to be sure of their authenticity. Great post Roff and some excellent information here. So how long a rest period do I need?


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If anything, some of the winders make for awesome looking display cases! Originally Posted by buddenfan. Now to decide on which one and how many motors.

There is no right answer as to how long the rest period should be, but you do need to make sure that the rest period is enough to at least allow the mainspring to ease off from maximum tension.

Especially when the watches are going around.

January 12th, 7. Winders make sense for watches with complicated calendars. Or allow them to run down when off the wrist. I just let my dlrection run down.

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Also, I have seen some watch winders that navitumer the watch at an angle of approx 45 degrees, and some at approx 90 degrees. Buy quality, cry once; buy cheap, cry again and again. As everyone said, it depends on the watch. Not sure what you’re trying to accomplish.

Lol, just let them run out of power and reset next time you wear them. Wed Oct 27, 4: The wardrobe is a good solution. User Name Remember Me? Jun Real Name: Rolex Sub M Posts: If you do have problems with these you generally wztch a fairly good warranty that you can fall back on, and they will be repairable if they fail after the warranty expires.


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breilting This is the specs for my watch. Keeping a watch on a winder adds wear and tear. Does it matter if my watch winder only has settings for fewer tpd than I need? January 12th, 6.

Watch winders for heavy diver watches? Brilliant Roff, great post! A winder for the most part is a waste. How do I know how many tpd and which direction my watch needs? A watch winder does not wind a watch!

Thanks for the great post Roff. January 12th, 5. Originally Posted by Iluvpar.

Watch Winders for Automatic Watches,Winding Direction

The turning plates will rotate clockwise for 6 minutes and then pause for 30 minutes. Faint grumbling of the gears, not an issue during the day but can disturb sleep in a quiet bedroom. Are winders bad for watches?