So he strikes a deal: I’ve only seen the show as the DVD box set, so the original showing may have been different, but some of the scenes are subtitled, and some aren’t. I guess they figured half their audience would get it and half wouldn’t. The Cousins, as small boys, squabble over a toy, and one Marco runs to their uncle Hector to complain, and says he wants his brother Leonel dead. It’s not like I can keep him from seeing the thing. But this isn’t a question about a technical problem with a Blu-ray disc. The first of many. I choose to drink it!

Not only does this tell us why the Cousins, and the cartel, are such implacable enemies Anyway, there lying on the bed is my father. But what choice did I have? Let’s get to work. I’m supposed to just stay down here forever? I hope to hell that works. I just assumed you two were close, given that Well, maybe this is good news.

Do you like it? Show Gustavo the pisser.

Just do not call your mother. What is the reason for not translating the Spanish dialogue for the viewers? I don’t get a vote? Let’s see how the cook goes first. Terrified my mother that I might have it so they ran tests on me when I was a kid, but I came up clean.


All the ingredients are here. He’s actually leasing it, but he put down. Even the bottle is a work of art. Look, Spqnish I appreciate that you’re concerned, but I’m fine.

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Happy birthday, sweet So, I’m sorry, but I’ve waited as long as possible and I I guess I’m gonna have to go ahead without you. My mother would take me to the hospital to visit him. I’m not sure this is the right answer, so I’ll comment it only.

I had a lot of information. Your Great-aunt Birgit passed away. Kneeling on a towel in front of the toilet, Gus sticks his finger down his throat and vomits. And it has a CD subtites so you can listen to tunes while cruising around. This is Walt’s story, as told by Walt, to the audience which may include some Spanish-speakers. At least last night you were You were real, you know?

Breaking Bad S04E10 – Salud – video dailymotion

The first of many. To work, he must be sober.

I mean, this place is disgusting! Walt wakes up, and we see a prescription bottle on the nightstand, along with his glasses. We know the Cousins want to kill Walt, and we know Gus needs him alive, at least for the time being.


A small red and white plane lands, and they go toward it, Jesse seeming reluctant. Just as we would in the same situation. How was your birthday? Don Eladio smiles at Jesse, then sees the wooden box on the table.

Breaking Bad S04E10 – Salud

I made a mistake. I called her last night. They Got the Guns,… on My third rewatch.

Are you gonna talk to me here? If you want to know, in the Sunset scene, Gus says that north of the border is his territory, and the cousins or anyone of the cartel has no right to decide what happens there.

I had to spank you.

I hope to hell that works. Definitely no one who would name me in their will.