Unfortunately the rest of the pictures were of Granddad in nothing but his underwear and posing …’seductively’. But where there’s harmony and peace- What? I hope I got it right. However, Uncle Ruckus claims that the true story is very different from Granddad’s. If not, this article should be deleted. He tried to oull him down, Stinkmeaner punched Granddad, sending him flying into the wall. I almost got my bed burned down cos of you. You got bad credit, Robert.

He can’t hurt you or me or any of us. Once he was done, Granddad gave the cloth back to Ruckus. Got a possessed nigga here, and Granddad’s worried about a date. Seung Eun Kim , Bob Hathcock. Huey and Riley’s constant fighting has Granddad thinking about taking a vacation to get away from it all. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page where you can join the discussion.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Share this Rating Title: More Seasons in Series See All. Same thing that’s about to get into you. Now, you say what you want, that goofy-looking motherfucker is coming back.

Riders of Berk, Vol. You baldheaded devil monks are trying to swarm on a nigga, huh?

And he not only badk a champion of segregation, but is also a firm believer that education is wasted on anyone who is black. Don’t ever in yo life try to holla at me, nigga. In the name of white Jesus and all great white men who have come thereafter, I command thy black nigga soul back to the depths of hell. Once turned over, Michael was free of his grip and climbed on top of Stinkmeaner’s chest.


What if he pees in the bed or vomit, or shoots a deuce? In the heat of a classroom argument, Riley’s third grade teacher, Mr.

He and Riley rushed out of the bedroom, while Michael began to snore peacefully on the floor. I know you hear me!

I came as fast as I could. Yup, she your very first cyber friend and you’re her 3 millionth. Stinkmeaner let out a long and manically laugh, that is until Michael suddenly jumped on top of him like an animal and viscously started punching him in the face. So get ready to piss blood for the rest of ya life asshole, because nobody touches Sarah Dubois!

The Boondocks – Season 2, Episode 4: Stinkmeaner Strikes Back –

I’m gonna get you eventually, Robert. Before he had a chance to get up, Michael jumped and strokes onto Stinkmeaner’s right arm, crossing his left leg around his elbow and locked boodocks hands on his wrist in a submission hold. They will be no match for you”. All right, here we go. Stinkmeaner swung again and this time Michael ducked below the axe. The three boys back away from the bed and watched as Stinkmeaner screamed and pulled on his bindings like crazy.

Stinkmeaner Strikes Back

When Stinkmeaner proves that he can take over Tom an easy target for a spirit like Stinkmeaner I, think Huey begins to doubt his assumptions. Yeah, take that you black cricket.


He and Stinkmeaner slowly began to circle each other. I’m the one who sharing a roof with a terrorist, an arsonist and an objectivist” He pointed to each of the boys in turn. And with that Riley also left the room. Man in Parking Lot voice.

Ruckus took a deep breath as he shuddered for a moment. Get your bars up, nigga. Peisodes chuckled lightly as he typed a message to another woman online.

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Now, it’s hoondocks night and you know the rules. Turn on the MyPod and let’s get onto iSpace. Tom was happily driving well below the speed limit, on his way to the courthouse.

Stinkmeaner was sent tumbling away from Granddad and the boys. In corner of his eye, Michael saw that Riley was almost out of his ropes.

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The Boondocks 4 – Stinkmeaner Strikes Back

Granddad crawled and hopped his way out of the bathroom and down the hall as he still tried to pull up his speedos. Stinkmeaner dodged him and punched him backwards. The Boondocks, Banned and Almost Banned.