With visits to a Norfolk, Va. Malcolm in the middle. In Cincinnati, Ohio, a burger joint topping them with scratch made burgundy mushroom and mango curry sauces. El Secreto de Puente Viejo. Special 57 Small Town Sensations T Special 81 Triple D Nation: Special 23 Legends of Texas T

On Saint Simons Island, Ga. This trip, Guy’s going for surf and turf between the slices. In San Francisco he visits a neighborhood diner spicing, roasting and smoking fresh pork; in Western New York, a year-old joint turning sandwiches into pizza; in Cleveland, a family place serving old European favorites, including Chicken Paprikash. And in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Triple D fans show us their favorite spot for burgers, dogs and seafood. Ever notice how some of the best food can be found on four wheels? And in Anaheim, California, a year-old, third-generation, Italian joint doing sauces, pizzas and parmesans He visits classic “greasy spoon” restaurants and talks to staff and customers about the food.

Some of the tastiest stops on Guy’s DDD road trip have been at Mexican joints, where generations-old family recipes and totally fresh ingredients combine to create incredible food. Global eats are sampled in Brighton, Colo. Plus, pizza with pizzazz in Minneapolis and one crazy joint in Charlotte, N.

Ring the bell, supper’s ready y’all!

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In Mayport, Florida, a year-old fish shack getting shrimp fresh off the boat every day, and serving it nine different ways. And in New York City, the Druze way of perfecting the pita. From Boston to California, Wisconsin to Florida, he’s digging into bons from the traditional dinner to turducken, turkey-shaped bread loaves, and a complete turkey dinner fried into bite-sized balls.

Special 36 East Coast Cruisin’ T Guy Fieri is circling the globe starting in Salt Lake City where a Vietnamese sandwich shop has exploded with six — count ’em — SIX locations around town.

De Vuelta al Nido Packed to the Rafters. He’s diggin’ into everything from barbecue to chops and sausage to sandwiches, plus Mexican favorites and other savory specialties. And in New Orleans, Louisiana, a butcher shop turned restaurant doing a whole turkey stuffed with Louisiana oyster serkes. So, get ready serirs max out on Mexican in this flavor fiesta.


Pasta and meat sauce at a Tennessee drive-in; Italian sausage and peppers in a diner in Texas; and a 88×01 Vegas bar that serves 80×1 best Stromboli that Guy has ever had. And in Virginia Beach, Virginia, a decades-old fried chicken joint crankin’ out their original recipe. In Minneapolis, there’s a family-run Italian deli crankin’ out what the locals love – pizza and totally fresh pasta.

In this one hour special, Guy Fieri explores the amazing holiday destination that is Disneyland – the fun, the experience, the added holiday excitement and charm, all wrapped around his focus on the park’s holiday themed meals and treats.

In Denver, a Native American eatery has a new way to serve bison, and a Nashville diner is seies lamb to the next level.

This trip, Guy’s got his sight set on food with international influence. Special 86 Triple D Nation: El Principe de Bel Air.

And in Cleveland, Ohio, the Mod Mex joint making tuna tacos with blood orange marmalade and guacamole with house smoked trout. Plus, a visit to Guy’s alma mater, UNLV, that has him back in class cooking with the school’s newest crop of culinary talent. Special 3 Guy’s Disney Holiday T And in Chicago, a joint that s been serving fried chicken on Route 66 since the 30’s.

And in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a breakfast joint celebrates 60 years as a sfries favorite. Gones get in line for some out-of-bounds alfresco favorites. Plus, Kansas City, Mo.

Guy Fieri knows it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and these top spots in the Triple D Nation really know how to stuff the good stuff in. From surf to turf and from appetizers to the main event, these sizzling sensations are too tempting to pass up. Las Pesadillas de Freddy. The nine lives of Chloe King. And in Chicago, Illinois, the Italian market scratch making meats for the meatball hero and the crispy porchetta sandwich.


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Coast to coast, pepitto be grabbing everything from pies to pudding and righteous rolls to frozen peplto. This trip, Guy’s traveling all over the country searching for a taste of the South. Then, breakfast and burgers in Rhode Island and an obligatory stop at a real-deal diner in Philly.

And outside Las Vegas, the longtime meat market turning its knives on fresh sausage and slow-cooked ribs. From the traditional, like the po-boys he whipped up with Emeril Lagasse at Mahoney’s Po-Boy Shop, to the ethnic, like the outrageous arepas at Pica Pica, to the downright ducky French dip at Beer Belly. This trip, Guy’s hittin’ the road and chowin’ down on some long-standing traditions. From Brisket to Bison.

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Escudo Humano Seriws Target. Guy enjoys some good ole American Cooking. There’s a coastal seafood-palooza at a Hawaiian shrimp truck, a North Carolina drive-through, a classic Florida fish house and some serious outdoor smokin’ in California.

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Whether it’s out of the smoker, off the grill, or straight from the oven, these dishes will satisfy any carnivore craving. Rick’s in Idaho for pork chops with polenta; Nic’s In Oklahoma City, a local legend for onion burgers; and Pam’s in Seattle, serving classics from Trinidad.

From classic burgers and dogs to smoking barbecue and beachy seafood.