Aug 31, Ziaya S. No notes for slide. I enjoyed the book and would recommend it for someone who wants a short book. It really doesn’t seem like I’m reading a book and I think the author did an very good job at writing this book an with the detail because when I read this I get caught up in the book an cant stop also I feel like I’m reliving what she went thru kind of because I can kind of feel how she’s feeling or where she is coming from just by the way she explains it,if u get what I’m saying. Its full of drama. But Darcy didn’t believe her because Brisana always tried to break her and Hakeem up because she was always jealous of their relationship.

Summary of the book: I just wish this book was a little bit longer. And an even deeper lie is tearing her family apart. Amazon Kindle 0 editions. Jan 07, Shawtylowelch rated it it was amazing. Another theme was to not keep secrets from friends and family. Trivia About Shattered Blufor This time, Brisana was not lying.

Also because she is in school just like me an it kind of feels like wen one of my older cousins tell me a story about something that has happened in there life.

He also had some anger issues. They were having a lot of problems. Mar 05, Jania rated it it was amazing.

Shattered by Paul Langan by esme guido on Prezi

It felt like I was reading a chick flick with a good ending. Aug 18, 1CynthiaM rated it it was amazing. The stress of it all seems too much to bear, and Darcy searches for ways to keep it all together. I just wish this book was a little bit longer.


Anyone from 12 through 18 years old will like it because the kids in the book are around the same age. It showed that there were a lot of problems in the book and that Darcy had to somehow overcome all of them.

She thinks shaftered best friends Cooper and Tarah are against her and are.

Shattered (Bluford Series, Number 12)

Published June 15th by Townsend Press first published June 1st Amazon Kindle 0 editions. Recommendations I would recommend this book to boys and girls age 10 and up. Darcey stopped them, and Hakeem went away. But that’s not all her mom snattered dad are fighting wen she comes home from the “date ” with her friends an Hakeem.

At home Darcy and Jamie’s mom had the baby, and they told her that they will do anything to help out. The story takes place at the end of August right before school starts. Darcy the main character has found herself in some trouble both at school and at home.

Nov 30, Elvin rated it it was amazing. Characterization Darcey changed a lot during this book. Getting home, she realized nobody was home. Shattered is a sad book containing life struggles. Refresh and try again.

Darcy ex boyfriend hakem comes back from Detroit but whit him back their is a lot of secrets can Darcy tell him her secret will she dare to. Aug 19, Barbara rated it liked summaey. I felt as if I couldn’t put the book down because once something happened in the plot, it lead to another right away.


Students between the ages of 13 – adult would enjoy this book, and it may help them see that things can work out in the end. I also thought that it was very attention grabbing because the author had two best friends fight and breakup.

He left her mother at that point.

Seriees after that Darcy walked away and didnt talk to her ex-friends for 1 week. After he contributed to a number of TP textbooks and taught English at a community college, Paul reconnected to his interests in creative writing through the Bluford Series. I think this is the theme because when Seies life is falling apart she is losing her loved ones too.

She doubted her three friends for not being real friends as they should be.

What she discovers will change her world forever. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. She had a boyfriend named Hakeem Randall. Shatteeed would recommend this more to females due to the drama.