This school is filled with fun and interesting from the point of view of the universe of Bioshock slogan, take time to stroll. A cry rang out, return quickly at the windsock. Use this sound decoy to lure enemies in the area and climb quickly into the elevator at the back of the room to reach the main area of the episode. As a first step, go to the jewelry The Golden Rule, right club Cohen. So if white simply open the door, red also trigger an alarm, and blue allow you to retrieve the alarm mechanism to make a special tile for the crossbow. Continue towards the ice, this time a second store on the right can be visited. Remember to search every body, it is sometimes possible to recover an anesthetic tile already in use.

Burial at Sea In this part of the guide Bioshock Infinite: Use your Captain to borrow and join the great airship. You then head to the factory Fink taking care to many revolutionaries. If this article is un-readable please report it so that we may fix it. Get rid of splicers and think to pick up the hook in the hand of a corpse near the counter. Silver Fin — Upstairs, on the balcony to the right of the far stairs. This element of level design is very interesting from the point of view of infiltration because you can often bypass enemies this way. Go into the pipe to reach the room spares Handyman and let you down to get a voxophone on a desk in the center of the room.

Slip behind the counter and search the safe gentleman at the bottom of the reserve.

Head back into the main area once more and on the main floor look for another door with a banner above it with ‘Medicine’ in big letters, there should be a Splicer lurking about so knock them out then use Peeping Tom to look inside the room to make sure the coast is clear, there will be two Splicers inside though they should be in separate rooms, take them both down the search through the place, you will find another piece of the coded message as well as the KO Mod for Possession.

Quantum of Solace Guide. Opposite the lock on the door is a diary. Infusion 1 The first infusion is in the “The Daily Bread” restaurant, you will need the help of Elizabeth and a hook to open the door. Take them all out or try to sneak your way through and onto an elevator in the center of the upstairs room, once the elevator stops walk ahead and enter the door for a small scene, when you can place the particle on the statue in the center of the room and watch a bunch of scenes.


In the Main Campaign, killed 5 enemies with a headshot while riding a Sky-Line. You have nothing to recover Colombia therefore continue your road to the fault. Spend two secure doors to arrive in an operating room. A second splicer trying to open a locked door, approach him quietly as the first time and knock it a good shot in the neck.

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode 2 Audio Logs Locations

Use your old Winter plasmid to freeze the water surface and go pick up the latest episode plasmid, Comber. Infusion is on a shelf behind the counter. After the scenes play out and the credits begin to roll you will unlock both. In the lockerroom sink. You’ll have to pick a new door. Also accessible through the code lock upstairs. As soon as the door opens you will see a Vox fighter, either shoot her or go invisible to take her out. Finally you head for the door at the bottom right which is held closed by a crossbow.

Continue towards the ice, this time a second store on the right can be visited. Turn right at the glass fihk wall Cognitive conversion room. In the Chapter Selection load up Return to Rapture and while waiting for Ryan to do his big talk empty your crossbow of ammo and have Peeping Tom and Ironsides equipped. School Ryan the Lion Exit the toy store After the conversation with Atlas, pick up the doll head on the eisode.

Upstairs, take the opportunity to go see the movie to learn all that is near the fountain. After the next series of events head through the broken glass and collect an envelope from the desk. Inside, loot what you can from the lobby and office then head into the elevator and take it down. She lets out his ball and went in pursuit.

Audio diary 17 After Elizabeth’s crawled into a vent you open the door, take the immediate left and then fabricate an ice bridge to enter the office door the bottom left which leads the latest audio diary.

Watch the film then when done collect the hair sample from the desk, in the next room pull the lever to lift the quarantine and in doing so you let a large group of Vox in with you, take care of them but watch out for the heavies, it’s best to either use a noisemaker and knock them out with gas or use a tranquilizer on each of them. The full path of the first episode of Bioshock Infinite: But the plasmid is no longer there, only empty bottles remain.

Turn left and you see a door with a security code, keep in mind its position. In the second part you get your hands on an improved plasmid Possession. You get to a higher floor in the next room allowing you to move more easily unnoticed. Will you take possession of the plasmid in the box next to it. Forgot att username or password?


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Back in the main area there should be one more Splicer, sneak up and knock her out then check the vending machine and stock up on darts if you can. Never Saw It Coming. After Atlas takes you to Dr Suchong’s free clinic head past the guy.

Once you have knocked everybody out, head back to the middle floor and look for a hallway with Surgical Suite – Handyman on a sign above it. He’s located in the first cell on the right Cell 6.

Byrial and hope you enjoyed it. Catch Sally Interact with the windsock to the little girl out, but it resists and then you are attacked by her protector!

The area of your fight against the shield in the first episode is completely empty, so mount directly on the shelf reversed then made a complete tour of the room until you reach a wall collapsed. After the battle is over, you leave the stage via the stagedoorbut you may want to stick around and explore a little.

Finally there is a vending machine in the lower section coxe the main area here to possess should you need money. Kill the splicer and then interact with the leads but without success, the girl has already taken off.

Inside the Manta Ray Lounge you will find another horde of Splicers, there will be bioshockk more Houdini Splicers here one in the main 22 and one in the upstairs section in the back.

Burial at Sea collectible guides, secrets, and extras. Take the Winter plasmid of yesteryear in the window Once the dust settles, approach the small window in the center of the room containing the plasmid Winter yesteryear and ask Elizabeth to pick the lock. Return to Atlas Then go down the hallway and enter the wall. Used Ironsides to collect 20 rounds of ammo or more in Burial at Sea – Episode 2. Sae there you find that the restaurant is closed.

Once Elizabeth left the office, then join by opening the door to discover Rapture like you’ve never seen.