Dracula’s Curse , with character designs by James Jean and a script by Warren Ellis, was announced in , but no further developments has been made. After all, everything they ship literally has his name on it. He attempted to restart the project several years later, with little success, and he uploaded the last teaser video in However, due to fan demand, when the movie is completed and released we will be looking to temporarily rent a dedicated server, featuring an accurate map of Mata Nui, complete with all set pieces from the movie and more for our fans enjoyment. Then the animation production company went under. Chronicles Go give a read to an amazing epic, Seven Lives The initial plan was to release the movie in one, long video on our channel as a full-length movie.

An anime adaptation of the manga Alive: The pilot was supposed be about Chloe and the other girls going to an intergalactic Battle of the Bands. Quest of the Toa had two sister-projects going on: Takua’s portion, which is currently being filmed, runs on 1. The Winds of Winter is taking more than seven years to write. At some point, Meatloaf must have decided to release it without the stage show because it was a lot of work to not get published.

The second season of the ThunderCats remake, that was going to last 39 episodes, had not been renewed and remained on indefinite hiatus. Toa of Pumpkins, Nov 06 – If you interact with one of my characters and weren’t already doing so, please PM me to let me know! Coville even lampshades bipcraft in his author’s note, saying that he feared fans of the first books would have outgrown the series before he finished it.

Shadow Rising was the planned sequel to Robotech: Also Jim Steinman wrote music for a proposed Batman musical. Oh my Mata-Nui, this has made my day.

No mods only a texture pack. Nobody’s sure bbiocraft exactly happened, all people know is that inGygax Games was going to find a way to publish the rest of the castle. Nothing has been heard since.

Toa of Pumpkins Members Toa February 06 posts. It finally came out in June, The Railway Series was slated to have a book titled Barry the Rescue Enginebut Christopher Awdry has not yet completed or released it.


In Jewish tradition, His first go was called Lilith, who proved to be surly, combative, stubborn, unbiddable and headstrong, to the point where she was dispatched to Satan to work for him. I would almost say Onu-Koro, but wonder what would be included.

This is a lengthy process, because we chose to feature several CGI scenes in our movie, knowing that it would lengthen development time. John Popadiuk has been accused of letting his pinball machines in the ‘s languish in development hell. He would not have invented roller skates.

Biocraft: Chronicles

Nine volumes later, she’s still wearing it. I’m gonna say Le-Koro. Also, you can get the skins we use for the Toa at http: He began development of the typesetting system called TeX inand it ended up in its own development hell as well, the input format not being finalized until Blade and Dani Moonstar were supposed to appear in the Epic Heroes chronicle, but were bumped.

The completed animation was later edited together into a Direct-to-Video movie that ends on a cliffhanger. In some editions of The Princess Bridethis sequel was mentioned in the epilogue and was “having trouble getting published due to legal problems with S. The test video went up in December ofwith the trailer coming out a month later.

Now then, time to showcase just a bit of what we’ve created so far: Numerous factors, including the unavailability of certain cast members and a reportedly incredibly lackluster script, ultimately led to its transformation into the box-office flop Shock Biocgafttouted by O’Brien as “not a prequel, not a sequel, but an equal”.

It’s a Cash Cow Franchiseso another anime installment seems inevitable. This is why Bipcraft the screenwriter hates Jerkass movie producer Clinton Greene.

But bioocraft the complete mess that was Dance of the VampiresSteinman was all but blackballed from Broadway. A new anime was finally announced for By then there were several free virtual tabletop programs available online, though none had all the features of the version WotC had planned. For the most part re-skinning mobs.

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The series was apparently well in production, with footage being released online, before the Disney acquisition forced Lucasfilm to allocate its resources towards the sequel trilogy.


ANP aims to create audiobook versions of all the Bionicle books, with voice actors for each character, and music taken chronicle various media to enhance the story. The Broadway version of Love Never Dies was set to open Fallbut it was pushed back first to Spring and then indefinitely.

Their games aren’t free from it, either: Inthe Broadway production of the hit Austrian musical Rebecca actually got as far as the sets going up before it turned out that the key investor didn’t exist — it was all an elaborate scam. However, XI remains unfinished.

Kung-Fu Caveman from the Futurethere is a sneak peek at a sequel, but there is currently no word on when or if it will be released. The Phoenix 5 version of Cyclops was meant to show up in the Puck wave, but ended up being cancelled by Hasbro due to the costume supposedly being too flash in the pan. Fooling moviee world is nothing to me!

The offer’s much appreciated! The LP wouldn’t properly start, however, until mid, and updated once every few chroniclez for some time. I’ve been interested in this project for almost a year now.

Development Hell

You need to login to do this. The book was originally supposed to be released in Posted Nov 18 – Dracula’s Curse cchronicles, with chronixles designs by James Jean and a script by Warren Ellis, was announced inbut no further developments has been made. I wish I had thought of this. The server is currently closed to the public. In a milder example than most, development of Stern Pinball ‘s Shrek was delayed — and the costs raised — due to demands and red tape from Smash Mouth as well as the films’ actors.

Community Forum Software by IP. Some rumours were made about a fully new range of miniatures but even these disappeared quickly after.