Oly October 12, at 8: I feel so blessed. They now find him amusing and funny and yes, even fallible. Will there be numerous trips to the park where we will see Richard play Dr. What course will Nikki take in college? This is one of the best shows in Phil TV. I was in love with you. Like all of you, it is still my fervent wish that the show will never ever end!!!

We all love the show so much and we want it to stay on forever! Because for the first time in my life I am praying imagine that! I am so not a techy person. They now find him amusing and funny and yes, even fallible. Does she and her Ate Nikki still bake cookies and cupcakes? Glad you liked this piece.

All too unknowingly, the Dela Rosas have fallen in love with him, too! You are commenting using your Twitter account.

BCWMH Episode: Please Tell Me – video dailymotion

Who among them have gotten married and pregnant, put up a business, gone back to school, and so on… The End? It is not merely a show teeming with good vibes, love and laughter, but a show of multiple arcs, sub-plots and parallelisms. Update — Collages Nan Thank you, Creative Team, for this wonderful, amazing show.

What an exciting adventure that will be not just for the couple, but also for usavid viewers. Will she also enrol in an open online university so she can finish her college degree while in the confines of their own home?


Will he be a strict boss to Luke if and when Luke decides to work for him after graduation? Amazing how Be Careful with My Heart surprises us all the time! And how happy and giddy we all were for Maya whom we all know have been in love with him for the longest time.

Will Aira still be in the picture by then?

BCWMH: Sir Chief Embraces Maya’s World

It would be a thrill to see father and son working at LAS together. It always comes from the heart. They are goung to have a hard time to come up a next show na will get same attention to the viewers.

He hates having his picture taken, but for Maya he has learned to pose even for selfies! I share your sentiments, too! Very well said Ms.

I agree………maganda talaga tandem nila………hindi pilit ang lambingan……kaya kikiligin ka talaga……. I was in love with you. I really do appreciate you guys taking the time to read and comment….

Please Be Careful With My Heart Full Episode

Will Richard make paper airplanes for everyone all over again? JSM is 22014 a natural, diba? It took a long time before I realized it. Extended IndefinitelyOne Month After. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Please be careful with my heart full episode

The writers give us a taste of the typical Filipino family: During the preparations for both occasions, Maya and Richard hurt themselves and Richard gets angry. Richard is chopping wood and Maya is giddily watching him from the second floor window. With the presence of Don Roberto and Donya Esmeralda, Richard and Maya are somehow reassured that their kids are in very capable hands.

He does not seem in a hurry to get himself a girlfriend just yet and is simply happy to have Aira for a friend. Will Richard conduct LAS meetings in his home office like before just so he can spend more time with Maya and the kids? I always enjoy reading about your thoughts on the show, too!

Be Careful with My Heart is extended. Sally Episdoe March 18, at This will have to do for now. Happy to know you agree with my observations. In another instance, when Abby shakes the ladder Maya is standing on, we see Richard rush to her to keep her from falling.

You play your roles so well. Princess March 16, at 8: