To make this decision it makes sense to orient yourself on your own face shape, in order to get an approximate idea as to which frames suit you: To experience a piece of glitter and glamour of the stars, you should leave your contact lenses in the closet and put on one of our prescription eyeglasses that perfectly matches your character, face shape and, of course, your ametropia. The rule of thumb is that the glasses should not be wider or narrower than your face. After all, reading glasses have to be put on and taken off again and again because they are not designed for looking in the distance. It also had the advantage that they could easily be made to disappear in order not to show any hint of weakness in the aristocratic circles in and around Paris. Frame material Plastic 14, Wood Acetate 12 Metal 4. Here you can also read again which colours and for glasses for women and glasses for men are in vogue, whether glasses with round lenses or rather glasses with square lenses better match your style requirements. If you are looking for a pair of progressive lenses, then you should make your way to Germany’s eyewear mecca , our flagship store in Hamburg.

Metal , Titanium or Carbon are the perfect match for a classical look, are extremely durable and can be made into very thin frames. UN – 02 Detroit. That can be easily remedied. Our eyewear owes its present appearance to developments in the twenties of the last century, so that the variety of forms, colours and materials today has hardly any limits. Of course, the ultimate test for the right choice is how the glasses feel and look on your nose. You have your cool outfits for the whole year, but you’re still looking for something that will not only round off your outfit, but, like the sun, is the centre of your fashionable universe.

UN – 07 Detroit. In addition, the model can simply be send back for freeif you should change your mind. The eyeglass colour should always match shajn hair and eye colour. Especially among syaun and wealthy citizens and noblemen, the unified one-piece versions were well received, as they had them made of bronze or iron to clearly differentiate themselves from the lower classes of the population.


Gender Women 8, Men 6, children’s Kids 37 Teenager With more than 40, products on our website, we have plenty in store for everyone who wants to find the exact model that best expresses their own individual style. We also stock eyewear models like the Roberto Cavalli Glasses RC for enthusiastic birds of paradise. While glasses with a bottom semi-rim are mostly used as reading glasses Glasses with an upper semi-rim are new and contemporary models that are less noticeable than full-rim frames.

At Edel-Optics you will find everything you need for your eyes.

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If you still have doubts about the size of your type, our ” Master of Glasses ” can help you with a few helpful tips.

Rio – 2 JB by Jerome Boateng. Our eyewear owes its present appearance to developments in the twenties of the last barannek, so that the variety of forms, colours and materials today has hardly any limits.

Nevertheless, ametropia is not the same as ametropia.

The first step in the right direction was made by the Greek philosopher Ptolemy around AD with the establishment of the laws of refraction. GGO – Gucci. The first reading aids or glasses, whose word origin can be derived from the rock crystal vdahad a convex cut lenswhich the Italians framed with ironhorn or wood.

In addition, you should look out for discreet colours to round off the picture with a touch of elegance. Frame material Plastic 14, Wood Acetate 12 Metal 4. Whether you already have your most visible accessory for or are just trying to figure out whether you prefer Ray-Ban or GucciPrada or Tom Fordat Edel-Optics we have the whole range baranel major brands and designer eyewear in our assortment.

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Needless to say, our technically excellent opticians not only understand their trade, but are aware of the fashion aspect, as well as the importance of being able to see every last detail with pin-sharp attention even in the last row. By the end of the 18th century, eyeglassesbetter known as monoclesbecame increasingly popular.

Classical Glasses like the Ray-Ban Glasses Round Metalthe Fiml Ford Glasses FT or the Porsche Design Glasses P never go out of fashion and are available in a variety of colours, especially the brown glasses or cd gold whaun that are always a popular option when it comes branek the colour assortment. Here you can narrow down the selection of eyewear so that the path to your dream model is only a stone’s throw away. Even the infamous Emperor Nero used Emeralds to better follow the gladiatorial fights in the Colosseum and chariot races at the Circus Maximus.


Don’t hesitate to call us at. After all, today a large part of the population needs glasses. Of course, with glasses you also have the opportunity to give exciting contrasts to the rest of your appearance. Here, the limit of single-vision glasses must be drawn between shortsightedness myopia and farsightedness hyperopia.

Eyeglasses made of Plastic

Therefore, progressive lenses have proved to be an excellent alternative, since they eliminate the need to always put badanek on and take them off. This is specialized in the close range of about 30 to 45 centimeters.

Our Filter Features Make it Easy to Select Eyewear To make the search for your new glasses as easy as possible, take a closer look at our filter features in the left navigation bar. In the work, which further reports on the doctrines of seeing and branekhe was the first to suggest the idea of supporting the “eye” with a polished, optical lens before Snell some years later created the light refraction law and published it in his five-volume work on optics.

The mount was usually a simple style to stabilize the first eyewear, which served only to give the farsighted the opportunity to continue enjoying the written word. shau

This also means that our customer support is available by phone or email and is delighted to help you if you have questions regarding the ordering process or the handling of returns. Because the world through the eyes of Edel-Optics would be unimaginable without the hottest and most fashionable eyewear. These glasses were not borne by the nose itself but held by the muscles around the eye.