It shows that you all helped me for no reason. Anandi wipes her tears. Sign in Recover your password. Sumitra says, after what happened yesterday.. She says, we all are here with you. Shiv takes blessings from Dadisa and leaves. Dadisa says, I knew you would come running. Sanchi says, whether others blame her or no, but the kind of person Ganga is..

Dadisa nods her head to say no. Sumitra hugs her and cries. Sumitra says, and there is no doubt that Ganga was the reason for what happened yesterday and before that with Jagya. We have to take a straight forward way instead messing things more. With how many will you fight? Jagat is shown repenting for ewhat he did and his strategy for winning everybody over again.

She asks Dadisa what she did wrong. And how will you fulfill your dream to give better future to Mannu?

Left house with Mannu to invite more troubles? That is why I decided not to give them more troubles because of me and I left that house so. Gehna is bringing Nandu to the hall. Anandi now asks Jagya to tell what happened. They will find one day. They continue talking and Mahi gets happy writen Aashima tells him that she is coming to Udhaipur tomorrow again to buy some stuff. I will talk to anyone. Ganga says, I have thought about all that you said thousands of times, but still I decided to leave Badi Haveli.


Jaitsar haveli Everybody is waiting ofr anandi to come down. I hope you will at least eat one roti for your mother. Jagya is in epissode in his room, remembering Mannu and Ganga. Sumitra says, they will be living in some other village.

I want to know why. Till how long you will hide her from everyone? Sumitra says, and there is no doubt episde Ganga was the reason for what happened yesterday and before that with Jagya. Sanchi says, whether others blame her 2103 no, but the kind of person Ganga is. She tells Basant, I am having a lot of pain. I know very well that you will never let anything wrong happen with Ganga. Shiv smiles looking at them and then goes to them. At Badi Haveli, everyone is in the hall.

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Finally they give in vadhuu say whatever shiv wants,his will be done and goes on to comment that their anandi is fortunate to get a family like this. Shiv says, we all were very scared after knowing what happened here. Jagya just leaves from there. Anandi asks about Nandu.


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Sumitra says, everyone is blaming me. Mahi asks her to tell him what she wants to buy and he will keep it ready. Menu twitter facebook google rss linkedin dribbble pinterest. I am not going to eat. Bhairo too gets up now and leaves from there.

Anandi asks her, why did you leave Haveli? And that too that late night. Does anyone behave like this with their mother? Veera 31st July Written Episode Update. She walks off from there. You should have at least thought that all that Jagya and this family did for you. And when I went to find julyy.

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Do you know how worried I was? Anandi looks at Gehna.

I will get something for you. Anandi looks at Shiv and he gestures that this is right thing to do.