Scene 3 ruks is in rage and breaks mirror of her room, she is uncontrollable, hoshiyar ask her to calm down as jodha has no brain. Ruks is happy, hamida says to ruks that your gift is amazing, jalal comes to ruks and says no doubt this dress is amazing as it has gold work which will protect me in war and i will shine as a king, he says in court that i always say that ruks has amazing sense and her gift is great. Vandana taunts sarita that she doesnt need to be told the rituals twice, as this isnt her first marriage. She says that they both shall sleep together. Vikrant asks her not to pretend to care for these rituals, as he got a mother and not a wife for him, and she cant be one also. Pannaben asks Mohan to sit beside Kusum.

I am really ashamed of this. Sumi says, take it. Sanchi now turns to Ira and says, you understand me, right? Ganga says if she can see Mannu before that. I accept that we got hurt because of Sanchi, but she also suffered a lot. Sumi says, they are for Ganga.

Kumud says I will talk to mum. I will never be able to forget it.

Ganga smiles and goes to make tea for Dadisa. Vikrant asks him to sleep in his room. I am really ashamed of this. Ganga says, I am fine in what I have wore. He goes and comes out wearing a robe.

Badimaa says sometimes we have to do these rituals for the world, as episods have to compromise. Kamla vehemently says that she would go as she has done nothing wrong, and she would see that noone harasses her.

Punar Vivah: Punar Vivah 2 11th September Written Update

Anandi comes down bringing Sanchi with her. Adka says common people want to see you, jalal comes in balcony along with other mughals and jodha, people say that you did great by ordering to dig well, we are greatful to you as now we will get water, may god bless you. Kalika smiles and says you have to come in the evening as lightning wriyten going to strike you.


Jagya grabs her and rolls her on the bed saying who is it? But cadhu refuses that he has work in the shop and wont go. Scene 1 Jalal comes out of room ans shouts vachu soldier that this is my palace and nobody can hide here, find qasim and Zeenat. Kalika comes and says Kumud, Guniyal is calling you.

Sanchi gets up and runs to her room. He says what did she say. Alok interrupts and says, but signs of wounds still remain in mind and balila. Sanchi tells everyone, I am very sorry. Nandu requests her to take it as everyone gifted her something.

Daddu says this is what wins his heart everytime. Guniyal says you take her inside, I will come.

Jodha Akbar 2nd October 2013 Written Update Desitvbox

Sign in Recover your password. Ganga is collecting the dishes.

Abhi asks them wgitten stop fighting, and asks her to tell a story of the butterfly. Outside jalal remember his encounter with jodha like gangaur, jail etc when he first gone to amer and then the gift of jodha that is his people chanting his name.

Saras says tell me where to keep it. Jodha Akbar Zee TV. Meenu tells Anandi to eat. She tells Alok, you said the other day that whatever happened with Sanchi is good in a way.

He says i prayed that i will get gifts like this in my life every year from you. Baliia are responsible for whatever happened. Did DS spanked heras she was already very angry or Anandi used her magic?


Shiv asks, still no? Scene 1 In hall, everyone are waiting for jalal to start celebration, he comes in, all gets up, he is dressed in unique shiny yellow dress. Ganga looks 28hh Jagya. Pannaben asks Kumud to take Pramad to his room and give him medicines.

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Jodha Akbar 15th October Written Episode. Kumud is thinking about Kusum and thinks how to stop this ritual. She says you taught us to respect ourselves, then how will she live without happiness.

As she steps in, she is surprised someone address her as DIDI. Jalal says i couldnt stop myself till morning, he says i want to thank you so much, your thoughts are great, he says i also thought i have everything but you proved me wrong. He arrives in his car, and is surprised to see her waiting outside. I said so much to you in last few days. Anandi comes to her and puts her hands on her hands.

She says that they both shall sleep together. Saras asks Kumud what should we do now. Ganga carries all seven thaals properly and then give them to Sumi. Both have an eyelock and smile. It will be a cheat with Mohan.

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