Sid says because of them he is in house now, else he would have been out of house. Khush takes her juice and goes. Pappu’s father says that it’s time to go but Pappu’s mother asks where is Indira, Shweta propose to go to search for Indira, she goes in the room saying Indira.. But Simmi Diwan stops her holding her by her arms and says: Mandira sit and the ritual continue, Indira asks Shweta to follow her, she brings Shweta to her room and says: Sid says with all of us together, Ram will feel proud of us. Indira wipe her tears, Shweta doesn’t say anything, she is standing in front of the mirror.

Priya asks what have they planned. Priya says she wants him to win. She jokes with her and smiles. But Inder stops him and says that Munna you must misunderstand him but Munna says that he has no misunderstanding, he is saying the truth and he told Inder to ask for the truth to Rishy’s mother, Simmi Diwan. Pihu says it is because of her effort and says she is too good. Rishy and Munna bhai saab stare at them worried, Indira make Munna dancing but he went away.

Their wedding is my and my husband problem nobody will talk about this matter.

And Rishy you listen i won’t go to hospital until you won’t marry Shweta!!! She acxhe Ram to laggte it if he likes it. Scene shift to Pappu’s father saying that Indira hasn’t come and that they are getting late Rishy says that he will go and check where she is.

Robin says he wanted to marry her but she dumped him. Priya says everything is fair in love and war. I can’t believe this!! Priya says he is best husband and asks him to sleep now. Priya says problem lies with you and says I think you are upset psychology because whatever had happened 7 years back. Priya says you have changed a lot in these 7 years.


Ekta Kapoor: Sakshi Tanwar and Ram Kapoor’s intimate scene in Bade Acche Lagte Hain was a mistake

Shweta is about to say something but Simmi Diwan hold her hand stopping her. Now you are no more a child, you are too big that you badw getting lxgte against our wishes.

He did not help them and instead Rajath helped them. Episodd my sister is dying and he is preparing his 2nd wedding!!!

She jokes with her and smiles. She says he and Ram are college friends and she did not see such a good friendship, Ram will understand his situation and asks writtsn to meet Ram. Juhi comes to Priya and says she knows whatever had happened in the past.

The guy you love you will lost him again don’t do this injustice with yourself. Vikram sadly sits on a sofa remembering Sammmy. Indira will be ready to do her treatment after knowing that, i have to give everyone this news. Shweta let’s see the colour of your henna. By doing treatment what will i do when there is no hope. Mandira sit and the ritual continue, Indira asks Shweta to follow her, she brings Shweta to her room and says: She says Ram and Priya sacrified a lot of this house and we should do something to make them pound of us.

Pihu comes to Juhi and says Priya is going to tell Dad about the truth because of that she will lose her Dad. She asks him to sleep as it is already Ram and Epissode come down and meet their kids. He tries to hug her. She says she used to speak to upate pics whenever she was sad and says when she patched up with Pihu, she missed him a lot and spoke to his hsi. Sid says Priya is right. She says this happens in this age. I was sleeping right? She says she has potato parathas for Ram, and Khush does not want Ram to eat them.


And tells him not to come near Pihu and says she knows how to handle guys and no one is bad than her. You want me to do my treatment na? Ram asks how did Pihu change so suddenly. Priya says she wants him to win.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th June Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Posted by Ajay Singh at Everyone is dancing, Indira is smiling but Rishy is upset. She asks Sid, he is hurt too.

For someone’s hapiness, sacrifice our own hapiness seems nice to read in books but in real life will you be abble to bear that pain??

If they get to know that everyone will have new hopes, Indira will get up again!! Priya comes to Accche and says she went to meet Robin. We were doing for you. Priya says he is the reason for them togehter.

Shocked She goes near Indira shouting her name, asking her what happened to open her eyes and all but Indira doesn’t respond, she checks if Indira take breath and stop suddenly and wonder how can this happened. Ram says he is afraid to sleep as he does not want to lose the happiness and asks if he is a good husband or not.

Naina comes and calls Dad to Ram and asks him to come for burning crackers. Indira start feeling dizzeness, Rishy hold her He says she fulfilled a duty of a mother and I fulfilled a duty of a father for Naina. Ram asks Priya how could she tolerate all the pain alone.

Khush takes her juice and goes. Priya says it is good that you stopped him from cheating.