In Shahbad, Shah Baba scolds Farjad, his waliad for his negligence and asks him to bring his pride back to him. Meesha again sees the horrible dream. Both Meesha and Mayer reaches shahbad on foot. Both Meesha and Zaini arrive at Bano mansion. Meher further sweetly destroys Meesha further plans. Zaini convinces Bano and asks sorry from her thus keeping both Mayer and Bano under control. Meher is distressed as Bano wants to come to meet Dado. Meesha seeing gardener goes and helps him in his work, thus making her hands dirty.

Meher further sweetly destroys Meesha further plans. Meanwhile, Shah Baba orders to decorate his mansion for her good luck arrival. Suraiya becomes caring towards Roman. But when he rejects, he takes Meesha away from shahbad. Meesha meets a woman in prison who tells her to escape away from shahbad. Later Roman gives Meesha tips about attracting Mayer towards her. Ashk Geo Drama — Episode Shah Baba was irritant of Sikandar as he disrupted his magical and spiritual work of him.

Roman says Meesha to quietly agree to Shah Baba wishes as a part of his plan. Dado interprets the dream as a bad omen. Meher and both girls go to the festival where they accidentally brush up with Meesha.

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Roman wants to work so as not to porve himself wrong to world eyes. At other side, in lack of exposure to outer world, Meesha shows her low standard habits which disgust Ashj.


Over the time she develops close friendship with Rooman. Would you be so kind and asbk Meesha, thinking that he is her prince charming, who has come to rescue her and put an end to all her troubles, tries to win his heart.

Mayer insists Shah Baba to let him go. She curses Roman for everything.

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Further Suraiya attitude towards Roman becomes changed as she learns about his good qualities. Suraiya ejects Roman out of her house finally. Seeing this, Meesha gets depressed and cries in front of Roman and expresses her grief. Meesha agrees to marry Mayer.

It is revealed that the lucky girl is daughter of sikandar which was killed by Shah Baba, His wife died in shock. Mayer, being not habitual of travelling by train feels uncomfortable. Shah Baba was irritant of Sikandar as he disrupted his magical and spiritual work of him. When Meesha shows Roman the woman, he tells her all the truth. Shah Baba, Meesha and Mayer travel in train. Ashk Love Triangle is finally gets in form and now next story begins ahead along with lots of entertainments and many secrets over there in Ashk Episode proomo.

Meesha finishes all of the work early and heads to the festival wearing a mask. Bano asks Meesha to come to her home so as she can learn their home rules.


Meher refuses to hurt Meesha even more. Next day, Bano invites all of the girls in the town to come to her home. While meeting with Suriya, a neighbor, Meher comes to know that Bano is the only richest woman in town and is searching for a suitable bride for her son, Mayer.

Hearing this, Mayer ask his relation with Zaini.

Meesha agrees to go with him but on condition that first before going she will meet her Dado and second that Mayer will go along with her.

As she zshk late, she takes shortcut via boat along with Mayer. Gumnaam Hai Koi http: Zaini scuttles back Farjad in front of Aimee thus insulting Farjad. Reaching there, Shah Baba shows his kingdom to Meesha.

Meesha meets a woman in prison who tells her to escape away from shahbad. Ashk Geo Drama — Episode 20 to asbk Install folkd-Buttons for Firefox. On the other side, due to prolonged outside night trips, Suraiya ejects Roman from her house.

The drama is a modern retelling of Cinderella story. Shah Baba throws Aimee into prison.