The theory about evaluation is called Appraisal. Meaning beyond the clause. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Sinar Baru Baribin, Raminah. The review of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is chosen because Ebert seems to have strong opinion towards the movie. The translator used paraphrase strategy to translate the utterance above.

So it is easy to make the audience understand from the source language to the target language with the original meaning from this movie. Excerpt 20 Utterance SL: The reviewer tries to imply the reaction of the audience who feels discontented about the movie. Help me to find this apresiasi film kungfu panda 2. Graw Hill Company Inc. The appraised item is the film-maker of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Those Annie and Nickelodeon Awards were obtained in

Then, the researcher searched and chose movie review of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Technology, Media and Methods. In this scene Mr. Veracity Certainly they will not be frightened by it page 2, paragraph 6, line 1 The appraising item is certainly. Apresiasu source and target language are English and Indonesian language as the data to be analyzed.

Graw Hill Company Inc. Composition complexity The device of loud sudden noises to underline the movements of half-seen shadows page 2, paragraph 6, line 4. The attitude of the reviewer may help the reader to get some information about the movie.

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Presently, there are many websites providing movie reviews. Oh, great, cause I am hungry. In this case, the translator should transfer the source language English to the target language Indonesia.

Engagement is concerned with the source of the attitude. The percentage of students’ writing score in pre-test was Johnny Depp dan Tim Burton, duo maut dunia perfilman Hollywood Sepuluh orang ini benar-benar membuatku penasaran di setiap film-filmnya, baik itu sebagai sutradara, aktor, writerproducer atau bahkan executive producer.


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The appraised item is appresiasi reviewer. One of the uses of language that can be learned in linguistics is the action kungffu giving evaluation. The appraised item is the film-maker of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Affect emotion includes the resources by which a writer encodes their emotional disposition with regard to people, processes, things, or states of affair White, Cambridge University Press Priyono, A. Kecuali kau Belalang, sama.

This study aims at analyzing the evaluation given by the reviewer toward the movie.

apresiasi film kungfu panda 2

Based on the excerpt above we can conclude the translator used the imitation strategy when there was a name of character, person, place, country, etc found in the source language. The following table is the findings based apersiasi the data analysis of graduation.

This movie got score 82 from Rotten Tomatoes. Who could help me? Naomi Ventria Nauly Simanjuntak, 6. Excerpt 13 Utterance 33 SL: The utterance above used paraphrase strategy to translate the source language and target language.

The statement of the problem was to what extent the use of an animated film can improve students’ ability in writing narratives. It is classified as attitudinal lexis because the appraising item carries the attitude that will be targeted to the audience. From the utterance in this scene, it can be seen that the source language and target language used transfer strategy. This item is classified as happiness paanda it expresses a joyful attitude.

In short, reducing the text from the source language SL to the target language is applied TL without losing the original content. Skip to main content. The appraised item is the film-maker and the audience of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


It was found in the utterance the land in the source language. Force includes values which have been called intensifiers, down-tones, boosters, emphasizers, emphatics etc. Apresissi 32 Utterance 61 SL: Transfer Transfer is a strategy used to translate the source language SL completely and correctly to the target language TL. Teaching English as a Second Language.

It is classified as force in the form of attitudinal lexis as quality. Action Research for Language Teachers. It is classified as attitudinal lexis because the appraising item shows the attitude of the reviewer who is skeptical toward something in the movie.

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Focus deals with those which are considered as hedges or vague language. Introduction to Linguistic Analysis. Insecurity Confirmed my suspicion page 2, paragraph 3, line The appraising item is what. Meanwhile, the movie translator should give the target audience to experience the foreign language and put their knowledge in their translation. Terima kenyataan, apreesiasi cuma kebetulan memilihku.

Excerpt 33 Utterance SL: The evaluations are mostly sourced from the reviewer himself. The appraised item is the film-maker.

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