Look “Custom fields” tab in the Preferences – added: When you take the first look at the screen, you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of fields that need to be filled out. Menu item “Tools-Generate” playlist – fixed: Unfortunately you do not have a possibility to share your collection other than by exporting the data to third party online services. Registered customers, please wait days for a special update notice in your e-mail. Altri commentato il 4 agosto In addition there is an export-to-HTML option with limited utility, since it only exports single entries or a full list without any means of navigation, e.

Opinioni utenti su Ant Movie Catalog. Ant Movie Catalog may lack the glamour but it catches the grammar of an efficient and comprehensive collection manager. An additional field for my own rating would have been nice. New tab “Episodes” in the movie card. In addition the application comes with a simple loan manager to help you keep track of DVD boxes you lent to friends. Please note, it is a major version update and the registration details for v1.

For games, a new program derivated from Ant Movie Catalog has been made: Ant Movie Catalog Cerca online le informazioni sui tuoi film. I enjoy a xatalog movie or televison show like you. HTML export preview images – fixed: You can auto capture specified number of movie frames; – added: You need to modify the preset value to yours.


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An additional field for my own rating would have been nice. Ant Movie Catalog is a free really free, i. Modifying meta-data caatalog just fine.

All My Movies™ What’s new. Changes list.

La tua valutazione per Ant Movie Catalog. Ant Movie Catalog not only goes into a lot of details for a movie but it makes it easy to get all that cataloh a host of film databases. And I have been pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of this Open Source software.

For troubleshooting only – added: The application pre-populates the rating field with data fetched from the Internet. The executable is only about 4.

Or by Media Type to give you an idea of the format you have used to archive the movie. And of course, you can print out your entire movie list with lots of customized templates to choose from. Bulgarian translation – many many minor fixes. Presentation video made by Willie: Recuva Recupera i dati persi accidentalmente. Stop con il consumo di dati al scaricare contenuti catapog.


Cagalog can use any of the six available formats to send out a detailed list of your movies. Expert options tab in Preferences dialog – added: By default it is on – added: Enter key selects the movie from the online search results added: Use right click popup menu.

You can use one shared database file from several computers at once added: Hosting on May 27, said:. My earliest recollection of trips to the video store usually ended with drumming my fingers.

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You can change view mode in the View menu added: You can quickly filter persons by the first name’s letter – added: MPAA field import from kinopoisk. Check menu item “Movie-Print collection Play button is active for the shared network files too.

Per gestire la tua videoteca senza catzlog troppo tempo e senza rinunciare a tutte le informazioni utili Per organizzare la tua videoteca, niente di meglio di un software che fa quasi tutto da solo.